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Coconut Christmas Zine and Maker Fair

Extensions Carolyn Code

OUGHT curated by Joële Walinga Anna May Henry, Alicia Nauta, Natalie Logan, Madelene Veber, Meg Remy, Geetha Thurairajah

SAS, The Artists in Her Studio (After Jane Eyre) SAS

First Impressions (The Art of Boat Names) Emily Waknine

Adobe InDesign Workshop

Adobe Illustrator Workshop

Beyond the Tropics curated by Sebastian Benitez Emma Edghill, Sonet Providence, Bryan Bermudez, Talia Peckel, Daniela Jordan-Villaveces, Sebastian Benitez

In Between Things Jason Deary and Sean Stewart

Non-Functional Objects in Space Georgina Lee Walker

Fall Proposal Workshop

Introductory Photoshop Workshop

Sugar Blessing Leila Zahiri

Versioning curated by Brendan George Ko Parker Kay, Connor Crawford, Michael Abel

A Ceramic Site-Intervention Danica Drago

Track and Field, Meeting Hudson Christie

Animated GIF Workshop with Peter Rahul

Grant Writing Workshop

Back to Programming with Jesi the Elder Jesi the Elder

I AM A MONSTER Elija Montgomery

Uncommon Commons curated by Amber Landgraff Mary Tremonte, Parastoo Anoushahpour and Jp King

A Room Dreaming of a Lake

1997 Byron Chan

Writing Vs. Art- Where do comics begin? Zine Dream Panel Discussion

Silkscreen and Kite Making Workshop with Mary Tremonte and Parastoo Anoushahpour Mary Tremonte and Parastoo Anoushahpour

CASH4KARMA Reid Jenkins

Myriad (No. 1)

Tectonic Breaks curated by Aryen Hoekstra and Jenine Marsh Jen Aitken, Zoe Downie-Ross, Andrew Hoekstra, Tiziana La Melia and Matt Schust

Personal Inventory Cotey Pope

Introduction to Video Editing Workshop with Joële Walinga

Here’s to Another 10 Years Fundraiser Extraordinaire!

Origin Stories: Looking back at Xpace in the beginning

Alternative Tentacle 9


Proposal Workshop

Long Live the Working Class Hannah Enkel & Philip Shelton

Rodrigo Martí in collaboration with Ananna Oisharja Rafa & Sarah Azimi, ‘I am only interested in what is not mine’

Bad Luck Amazon Giftcard

Transcending Binaries curated by Adrienne Crossman Sarah D’Angelo, Adriana Disman, Nathan Flint, Bronwen Deurbrouck, Peter Rahul, and Quinn Robertson

Artist Statement Workshop