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Tax Workshop for Artists, Designers and Creatives with Kelly Ross

Winter Exhibitions Closing Reception

🔥😻 Soba’s Corner: A Chinese-Canadian Cooking Show 😻 Snack Witch aka Joni Cheung

What Has Hardened Will Never Win Evgenia Mikhaylova and Sasha Shevchenko

Batteries Not Included curated by Tristan Sauer Michelle Cieloszczyk, Connor MacKinnon, Cassie Paine, SpekWork Studio and Lana Yuan

These Are My Reparations, episode 1: march 18th, 2465 Kim Ninkuru

Xpace’s December Happy Hour + Fundraising Sale!

Lebanon’s Rose وردة لبنان Christina Hajjar

Xpace Programming Launch 2022 – 2023

Distrails Hiromi Nakatsugawa

H.O.M.E. (Hoarding Old Memory Eggs) Marcella Moliner

The Pleasure of Patterns Carson Van Vliet

Flowing Still curated by Anqi Li Tizzi Tan and Zim Yu

Destressing Techniques for Highly Sensitive Artists facilitated by Camila Salcedo

Alternative Tentacle 17

As I Live & Breathe curated by Christina Oyawale Emkay Adjei-Manu, Bel Andrade, Atanas Bozdarov, Hannah Bullock, Breanne Jeethan and Tee Kundu

In Amber Kyle Mowat and Lina Wu

How To Find A Palm Tree Jasmine Gui and Justine Wong