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soil, sand, salt

Elham Fatapour

January 11, 2022 - February 26, 2022

Essay by Ibrahim Abusitta

“My practice focuses on exploring the topic of media, censorship, and communication through the mediums of painting, installation and video art. My work now reflects on the current state of censorship affairs, informed by the evolution of the socio-political sphere, which I have witnessed in my lifetime. Adding the dimensions of time and space to my practice through the inclusion of video and performance, offers an opportunity for reflection. I am witnessing an erosion of the spaces that have been defined as ‘public’ and ‘private’. My exploration of censorship, and the idea of hiding in plain sight, invites those around me to read between the lines. Incorporating the concept of visual autobiographical artwork and story telling, “soil, sand, salt” delves into the connections between embodied knowledge, cultural pedagogy and visual autobiography.”


Exhibition essay by Ibrahim Abusitta

Documentation by Polina Teif