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Hiromi Nakatsugawa

September 2, 2022 - October 15, 2022

Essay by Leon Hsu

Cutting through the smoke machine led me on a path straight to your arms, and together we stumbled towards that spot we like where the trains breeze fast. 


I’ve always seemed to be looking down, but lately I’ve been peeking at the sky from time to time. Sometimes, I see a couple planes cutting through the clouds, and I wish “…” or something like that.


Artist bios: 


Hiromi Nakatsugawa (@hirominakatsugawa) is a visual artist from Japan and Montreal, and is currently based in Toronto. Her drawing based practice depicts façades of structures rendered in a gauzy drone of colours and textures, which  morph and melt towards an ever changing manifestation of the object. The drawings are part motherboards, part anatomical slices, and part piping. Hiromi graduated with a BFA at Ocad University in 2022, and she is currently interested in sci-fi anime aesthetics, natural ephemera and otherworldly phenomenon.


Image ID: 

A low saturated image of a blue pencil crayon drawing with various overlapping colours and shapes.


Documentation by Alison Postma