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Holiday Zine + Maker Fair 2019

Oh Maria… Maria Patricia Abuel

Señorita Colombia: Exhibition and Performance

Tea Base x Xpace present: Contract Feelings

waabandiwag curated by Natalie King Mo Thunder, Aylan Couchie, Kadrah Mensah, Karalyn Reuben, Curtia Wright

Tracing the Guts of a Ghost HollyJo

Wear Your Soul in Wordy Yesterday Gold Xuan Ye

Xpace x Akin: Tenants’ Rights Workshop

waabandiwag: Performance + Panel

Mapping Your Online and Offline Self with Enna Kim Enna Kim

Xpace x OCAD U CEAD: BIPOC Curator Town Hall

Gucci could Never curated by Dana Snow Binary Rainbow, Lenox Daley, Alexi Pedneault, Sean Sandusky, Maximilian Suillerot

Place of Be(longing) Taymah Armatrading

Tender Loving Care Liza Konovalov

Chicken and Noodles: A Portrait of My Father Larissa Yeung

Exhibition Proposal Writing Workshop

Transforming the Lansdowne Underpass: Visioning Workshop

Bai Sun Natalie Mark and Sharon Ma

How to Fix a Broken Home Sangmin Lee

The Bald Eagle’s Claw curated by Philip Leonard Ocampo Yan Wen Chang, Brandon Fujimagari, Andrew Harding, Josi Smit alongside text work by Philippe Pamela Dungao and Ana Morningstar


Working with Media Art in the Gallery

The Bald Eagle’s Claw: Performance Evening Performances by Madelyne Beckles, Dorica Manuel, and Marissa Sean Cruz

Between Ice and Earth curated by Megan Feheley and Tom Mcleod Ana Morningstar, Dehmin Cleland, Megan Feheley, Laura St. Amant, Amanda Amour-Lynx, Ben Kicknosway, Kaya Joan, Tom Mcleod

Love Your Indigenous Foods, Love Your Indigenous Lands, Love Your Indigenous Self Chief Lady Bird

Xpace Fundraiser Exhibition 2019

Exhibition Proposal Writing Workshop

Alternative Tentacle 14

Recess curated by Jaycee Tu Rowena Katigbak, Eric Oh, Lina Wu, Yuma Yanagisawa, Cristine Yunyk.

Container for a precarious record Zahra Komeylian

A Facade of Flesh, A Spirit of Skins Basil AlZeri

Exhibition walkthrough with Zahra Komeylian and Basil AlZeri

Bump Televsion Video Editing Workshop

Shrine-making workshop with Lina Wu Lina Wu

Live Your Best Freelance Life; A Mini-Conference for Emerging Creatives

Do I Have to Lie to My Diary? Maddy Mathews