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Flash Splash Eli Schwanz curated by Adrienne Crossman Cat Bluemke, Jazmine V. K. Carr, Colin Rosati, Niki Sehmbi

Private Island Joleen Toner and Mohammad Rezaei

Holiday Zine & Maker Fair – December 19th

100percentreal curated by Adrienne Crossman Adrienne Crossman

A Chemical Love Story Arma Yari

100percentreal Curator Tour with Adrienne Crossman Adrienne Crossman

Intro to Cinema 4D with Colin Rosati Colin Rosati

Catching a Ghost Christopher Garland

Lil Pink Photo Op Katie Morton

Fall Screening Night ~ Halloween Edition ~

Swallowed Alexandra Mackenzie

-nuhsawʌhtat- to add on a room, to extend a house Rowan Red Sky

Fall Proposal Workshop 2015

Fall Programming Launch and Party

Despondence Katie Kotler

Grant Writing Workshop

Tradition Danièle Dennis

Girl Germs curated by Emily Gove Lauren Cullen, Beth Frey, Katie Morton and Amy Wong

The Elusivity of Identity Bijan Ramezani

1st Place Michelle Homonylo

Summer Programming Opening Reception

Relatives e howey

Video Screening Night

Politics of Design David Caterini & David Schnitman Paul Chartrand Julian Garcia & Eli Kerr Ambrose Li Pablo Muñoz Stephen Surlin

Body’s in Trouble Vida Beyer

Twine and Social Justice

Data Library Colin Rosati

Kikipedia: Drag Work Shop

Xpace’s Annual Call For Submissions

Xpace Fundraiser 2015 ft. Tough Guy Mountain

Alternative Tentacle 10

Orignal Sports Angel, The Marbled Plane Orignal Sports Angel

Spectres of the Future curated by Shauna Jean Doherty Victoria Delle Donne, James Rollo, Franco Arcieri, and Sook Jung


The Emotional Problems of Living Tobias Williams

Proposal Writing Workshop with Jonathan Lockyer