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Tea Base x Xpace present: Contract Feelings

December 8, 2019

2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

at Tea Base, 222 Spadina Ave (Chinatown Centre), Basement, Behind the Stage, Unit C15

Poster by Chris Carriere

December 8, 2-6pm

at Tea Base, 222 Spadina Ave (Chinatown Centre), Basement, Behind the Stage, Unit C15

Poster by Chris Carriere

Have you been INJURED by institutions?

How to write & navigate contracts in the arts

How to cope with INSTITUTIONS & bullying

ACCESSIBILITY funds & how to access them

Many marginalized artists have experienced not just the violence of scarcity in the arts, but institutional bullying and disposability. It makes this topic both dire and extremely sensitive in communities, in learning together how to self advocate, be fairly paid, and have your access needs taken seriously within institutional settings, so that a compounded lack of care doesn’t further impact health and well-being.

Deaf Spectrum, who will also be joining us, too has also been vocal about the rampant mining that occurs of Deaf & mad & disabled labour and expertise, and the stealing of resources by institutions only to employ those outside of those very communities.

We will be unpacking some of these difficult issues together, and sharing resources on writing contracts that include the different federal, provincial, and municipal funding bodies and their operations.

We are limiting the workshop to 10 participants, mostly for safety and care. But this is a pilot that has ever intention of happening again if there is a community interest and need. So do not fear!

Participants will receive a $30 honourarium just for showing up, plus a meal, plus tokens for transit. There will be a collective of folks in the roles of facilitation and space minding and ASL interpretation.

Please submit an expression of interest to participate by December 4, 11:59pm, here.

We ask that in your expression of interest, you share with us your name, any dietary restrictions, any access or comfort needs, and why you would like to be a part of this workshop. Identities you occupy are up to you to disclose or not – this is definitely not a requirement (especially for anything connected to your health), but we will also be doing our best to prioritize folks who need the space, namely 2SQTBIPOC disabled/mad/ill/Deaf folks.

We look forward to sharing space with you!

This program is supported through HORIZON, a program funded by Toronto Arts Council.

// Accessibility //

Tea Base (has a “Xuang Huong” sign) is located in the basement, behind the stage of the Chinatown Centre behind the stage. Most of the entrances have several steps but the easiest access is the entrance beside the ‘Super 8 hotel lobby’ sign that says “Chinatown Centre’ this entrance has no steps. There are two elevators that can take you directly to Tea Base (concourse/food court level).

There is a gender neutral washroom in the space, and gendered washrooms elsewhere on that floor of the mall. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any access-related questions! [email protected]