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mom and her music Rajee Paña Jeji Shergill

Uncertain Landscapes JG

Grant-Writing Workshop with Peter Kingstone of TAC *WITH ASL INTERPRETATION*

Holiday Zine + Maker Fair 2017

Installation as a Subversive Art curated by Katie Kotler Ray Dark, James Knott, Maddy Mathews, Cotey Pope, Liana Schmidt.

A Whole New World Jamiyla Lowe

HOT SET: Artist talk and performance by Cotey Pope and Maddy Mathews Cotey Pope and Maddy Mathews

Cleaning Concepts Catered To Artists *POSTPONED*

Pantry Shelf Kendra Yee

Winter Feelings: Self-care practices for the winter weather

OCADSU Disorientation 2017: Art World 101

Grant Proposal Workshop with Xpace & OCADSU

Queeries into History: The Love of Loring and Wyle Emily Norry

Eulogy for a Dying Sea Polina Teif

Fuwa Fuwa, Joie de Vivre Allison Burda and Cameron Gee

Get Your Coin Girl with Lido Pimienta

2017/18 Programming Launch Party

Comic Writing Workshop with Walter Scott

Soft Moods curated by Emily Gove Wil Brask, Lee D'Angelo & Bethany Rose Puttkemery, Destiny Grimm, cherry kutti

Sole Purpose Ronnie Clarke

Intersections in Dance curated by Victoria Mohr-Blakeney Daria Blum, Ella Cooper, Danièle Dennis, jes sachse, Allanah Vokes.

Grant-writing workshop with Peter Kingstone of Toronto Arts Council

How to Relax Jennifer Laiwint

St. Michael and the Demon Philip Ocampo

recurrence Screening and Artist Talk

recurrence curated by Maandeeq Mohamed Kim Ninkuru, Fallon Simard, Kamika Peters, Adrienne Crossman, Alli Logout

Freedom Tube: Lost in X Space jes sachse

Making Selfie Magic, a how 2 workshop.

DIY LOVE: Queer Knowledge & History Then, Now, and Forever

It Can Only Mean One Thing Jessie Sheng and Chantelle Hartle

Annual Call for Exhibition Submissions 2017

Fundraiser Exhibition and Sale 2017

Intra Action: Live Performance Art Evening

Call for submissions: Summer Residency Program for OCAD U Graduates

altMFG Pop-Up Shop

Seascape Kelly Zantingh

Exhibition Proposal Writing Workshop

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better Melanie Billark

VPN to IRL curated by Tak Pham Ronnie Clarke, Marlon Kroll, Sophia Oppel, Tommy Truong

Mapping Time: Harmonic Studies for Vera Rubin Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh

After Darkness Manuela Morales

Call for submissions: OCAD U Pride Activation 2017

Blood Ties curated by Geneviève Wallen and Eve Tagny Omar Badrin, Aditi Ohri, Shahir Omar-Qrishnaswamy, Fallon Simard, Eve Tagny