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How the Curve Fits Inside the Square Arshia Salesi

Bump Personals Filming & Screening

Unvanishing Traces curated by Sanjit Dhillon and Vince Rozario Mikayla de Bruyn, Megan Feheley, Ashley Freeby, Aaron Moore, Maanii Oakes and Ayo Tsalithaba

Wand-ing Nikole Hidalgo McGregor

Xpace Holiday Zine and Maker Fair 2018

Edges blackpowerbarbie

Workshop with Artist Ayo Tsalithaba Ayo Tsalithaba

Sanctuaries Eve Tagny,

community of care natalie king

Grant-writing workshop

An Observable Collapse Towards Another curated by Rowan Lynch Benjamin de Boer, Andrew Hoekstra, Sara Kay Maston, Cadence Planthara

Preserving the Past Allana Cooper

Exhibition proposal writing workshop

Xpace Programming Launch 2018-19

Veins of Existence: Beyond Survival curated by Sean Sandusky Wil Brask and Natalie King, Justus Buenaflor, Kevin Holliday, Gabrielle Leighton, Rowan Red Sky

changing or taking away an object’s function is the height of humour court gee

Maw6ini Samar Hejazi

MIDSUMMER MASQUERADE with Paddy Leung Paddy Leung

Bloordale Rug Social with Lauren Cullen at BIG on Bloor 2018

Veins of Existence: Alter-ego(isms)

Xpace Fundraiser Exhibition 2018

altMFG Pop-Up Shop & Art Show

Expedition Elsewhere curated by Amanda Low and Philip Leonard Ocampo Sonia Beckwith-Cole and Nicole Ji Soo, Dylan Glynn, Amanda Low, Kai Lumbang, Kira Reau

Cloud Hands Jessica Jang

no-fluke/no-feed/no-swim/no-play/no-fun  Anna Eyler & Nicolas Lapointe

Eyeblink: Hashtag Solidarity

Expedition Elsewhere Curator Tour

Exhibition Proposal Writing Workshop

Space Song Philip Leonard Ocampo

Festival days are Mythical; all other days are Historical Marina Fathalla & Sandy Saad

Sanctuary Inter/rupted curated by Jessica Kirk and Mitra Fakhrashrafi Kaiatanoron Dumoulin Bush with Ryan Rice, Amani Bin Shikhan with Hamda Warsame, Sharine Taylor, Samira Warsame and Noor Khan