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Santa’s Choice Zine Fair

Queenston Quarry Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik

Frank James Gardner

Provisions curated by Ellyn Walker Maggie Groat, Tiziana La Melia, Kristie MacDonald

Roomies Jenine Marsh

Arrangements Anuta Skrypnychenko

Betrayal of the Proper Medium curated by Andrew Remington Bailey Michael Wirth Broff, Pat Navarro, Patrick Krzyzanowski, Reid Jenkins & Andrew Remington Bailey

Pleasure of A Lazy Laity Lili Huston-Herterich

Bookbinding Workshop with Eunice Luk Eunice Luk

Xpace Proposal Workshop

Twitch Aryen Hoekstra

Stories Roger Galvez

Observations Megan MacDonald

Mystery Machine Marvin Antonio, Manden Murphy & Augustina Saygnavong

Future Talk OCADU Orientation Sarah Febbraro and Jesse Levine

Don’t Go Julia Dickens

Yellow Pages Catacomb Tobias Williams

Storied Telling curated by Amber Landgraff Ella Dawn McGeough, Humboldt Magnussen, Alexis Boyle and Brette Gabel

Inside the Village by the Grange Meg Remy

‘Generation Z’ Zine Dream Panel Discussion


Yahoo! Answers curated by Alicia Nauta Bridget Moser, Joële Walinga, Diana McNally and Catherine Polcz

I Know It’s Not Enough Anni Spadafora

A View From One Point to Another, From the Outside Looking Out Maryanne Casasanta

This day is exactly like yesterday, but without all of the excitement, or any event whatsoever Joële Walinga

Rodrigo Martí, Seven Screenplays Rodrigo Martí

Stop Motion Workshop with Lee D’Angelo and Julia Dickens Lee D'Angelo and Julia Dickens