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THE ARCHIVISTS curated by Cameron Lee

Melissa Fisher, Felix Kalmenson, Zoe Solomon

February 1, 2013

Essay by Cameron Lee


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In The Archivists, artists Felix Kalmenson, Zoe Solomon, and Melissa Fisher collect and arrange materials from their everyday activities: visiting the library, reading the daily news and recycling. These activities are repeated, forming a ritualized process. In Date Due, Solomon compulsively saves her library withdrawal slips, which list the various books and videos she has selected dating from March 28, 2011 to the present. This collection forms an on-going narrative or documentary portrait of the artist as researcher. Kalmenson’s computer installation Conversations is a technical collaboration with Daniel Thornhill, which prints various daily newspaper editorials on a looped surface. Each proceeding set of printed text overlaps the previous on a single surface. This layered text renders the pointed content of each article as a singular, conflicted band of visual noise. Finally, Fisher composes a series of symmetrical site-specific installations in the negative spaces of the gallery surrounding Solomon and Kalmenson’s. Using collected materials from her previous works, Fisher will develop these current installations throughout the duration of the exhibition, photographing and reproducing them as printed motifs on fabric to be absorbed into a future project.