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In Amber

Kyle Mowat and Lina Wu

May 27, 2022 - July 3, 2022

Essay by Yoyo Comay

Dreams and ghosts are held in stasis under a thin veil of amber. Kyle Mowat and Lina Wu employ these dense and materially-oriented processes to populate a world with artifacts re-animated by their own confused histories. Each small detail reveals an underlying strangeness, like facets of a dull gem. Objects become alien, plucked from their original function, material, and location, to serve as vessels exuding new spirits. Drawings and sculptures are corporeal chronicles of the overlapping and peeling away of memory. Creatures and other figurations emerge from semi-fictive tableaux, inviting us to engage with their material intimacy.


Kyle Mowat (BAA Sheridan) is a disabled artist, former animator & settler based in Tkaronto/Toronto. Kyle uses mouldmaking, found objects, and cheap production materials to generate playful, morbid, and passionate sculptures.

Lina Wu (BDes OCAD U) conjures images and forges stories in Tkaronto/Toronto. Her work often grapples with self-perception, mythology, queer theory, diaspora, mental health, and adolescence, twisting across highbrow and lowbrow aesthetic traditions.


Black-and-white xerox-grungy poster featuring an intimate pencil drawing of two figures beneath an array of playful, creature-like statuettes in assorted shapes and colours scattered across.