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Here’s to Another 10 Years Fundraiser Extraordinaire!

June 6, 2014 - June 14, 2014

Fundraiser JUNE 6-14th, 2014

Our annual fundraiser and sale brings together works from artists and designers who have developed a relationship with Xpace in the past, whether exhibiting in one of our many exhibition spaces, sharing their skills and knowledge through workshops and events, or working with us to make Xpace great.

This year’s fundraiser takes place June 6- 14th with the opening night hosted by Life of a Craphead and Dj Mary Mack on Friday, June 6th from 7-11pm.

Join us while we celebrate Xpace Cultural Centre’s 10-year anniversary! All funds raised through the sale of work will go towards supporting Xpace’s ongoing programming.

Featuring works for purchase by:
Anuta Skrypnychenko, Kurt Kraler and Francisco-Fernando Granados, Alicia Nauta, Sarah Butterill, Sam Cotter and Fraser McCallum, Stephen Schramm, Ursula Handleigh, Morgan Criger, James Gardner, VSVSVS, Jacob Whibley, Tobias Williams, Steven Beckly, Keith Cole, Cameron Lee, Amber Landgraff, Adrienne Crossman, Matt King, Ella Dawn McGeough, Julia Dickens, Petrina Ng, Seth Scriver, Jacob Horwood, Anni Spadafora, Felix Kalmenson, Humboldt Magnussen, Alison Snowball, Basil AlZeri, David Hanes, Robyn Cumming, Cale Weir and Inez Genereux, Diana VanderMeulen, Sarah Febbraro, Brandon Dalmer, Melissa Fisher, Katie Bethune-Leamen, JP King, Julia Redding, Eunice Luk, Laurie Kang, Lili Huston-Herterich, Hanna Hur, Catherine Polcz, Sarah Febbraro, Anthony Easton, Mary Tremonte, Rachel McRae, Morris Fox, Peter Rahul and more TBA

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Life of a Craphead is the performance art group of Amy Lam and Jon McCurley since 2006. Life of a Craphead presented the Life of a Craphead Fifty Year Retrospective, 2006-2056, an exhibition of all the work they will ever make, at the Art Gallery of Ontario in 2013. They curate and host Doored, a monthly performance art show, and will premiere their feature-length film Bugs in January 2015 at the Western Front, Vancouver.

We will also be holding a panel discussion on Thursday June 10, from 7-9pm, to celebrate and discuss Xpace’s 10 year history. More information here

Xpace Cultural Centre is a membership driven artist-run centre supported by the OCAD Student Union and dedicated to providing emerging and student artists with the opportunity to showcase their work in a professional setting. We program contemporary practices that respond to the interests and needs of our membership. As we program with shorter timelines this allows us to respond to contemporary issues in theory and aesthetics, keeping an up to the minute response to what is going on directly in our community.