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Salvation & Absolution Sonali Menezes

Atmospheric Arrivals: (A) Restless Spirit Returns Through Queer Time, Space and Memory Ayo Tsalithaba

Mindalaes in Quarantine Samay Arcentales Cajas

the winter that persists Malik McKoy

HANBOK/한복 Enna Kim

Abra Hiba Ali

Proposition 1: Hands Ivetta Sunyoung Kang

My Build, My Bills Dylan Glynn

BUMP Television, This Could Be You

Part Three Kaya Joan

Hopping for Hope Ahreum Lee

Oh Maria… Maria Patricia Abuel

Chicken and Noodles: A Portrait of My Father Larissa Yeung


Though I am Silent, I Shake Sophie Sabet

Havoc in Heaven Jessie Sheng

Wand-ing Nikole Hidalgo McGregor

Edges blackpowerbarbie

43.654°N 79.385°W Yuling Chen

Space Song Philip Leonard Ocampo

The Walk Home Abedar Kamgari

mom and her music Rajee Paña Jeji Shergill

Eulogy for a Dying Sea Polina Teif

Sole Purpose Ronnie Clarke

It Can Only Mean One Thing Jessie Sheng and Chantelle Hartle

Seascape Kelly Zantingh

After Darkness Manuela Morales


Shifting Gestures (Father/Daughter) Žana Kozomora

The Joy of Atleigh: Review of Gouache Atleigh Homma

Doorcuts Zak Tatham

We’ve met before Maya Ben David

Flash Splash Eli Schwanz

Catching a Ghost Christopher Garland

Despondence Katie Kotler

1st Place Michelle Homonylo

Data Library Colin Rosati

The Emotional Problems of Living Tobias Williams


A Proposal for Ontario Place Ryan Ferko

First Impressions (The Art of Boat Names) Emily Waknine