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(A Falta) De Pan, Tortillas: An Analysis of Decolonization and Immigration

Ernesto Cabral de Luna

September 24, 2021 - November 6, 2021

Essay by Sebastián Rodríguez Vasti

“A falta de pan, tortillas” is a Mexican refran, or saying, which translates to “In lack of bread, there’s tortillas,” meaning one must find a way to adapt to a given situation despite our wish for an alternative.

This conceptual body of work, made up of five chronological sections, is a visual and decolonial rendition of my family’s journey as immigrants by way of retrieving, distorting, and repurposing archived identification documents and family photographs – proof of our existence and records of our memories. – Ernesto Cabral de Luna

Documentation by Alison Postma