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Main Space

Flowing Still curated by Anqi Li Tizzi Tan and Zim Yu

As I Live & Breathe curated by Christina Oyawale Emkay Adjei-Manu, Bel Andrade, Atanas Bozdarov, Hannah Bullock, Breanne Jeethan and Tee Kundu

Slow Living Cookbook Meech Boakye, Evelyn Austin and Collin Alexander

Double-Edged Ramolen Laruan and Sepideh Dashti

Indelible Discards curated by Bunker 2 Aileen Bahmanipour, Lauren Prousky, Darian Razdar, Maria Simmons, and Lingxiang Wu

Woven – Objects, Materials and Space(s) Beyond Measure Kristi Chen, Akash Inbakumar, Leeay Aikawa

digital intimacies curated by Emma Steen Aria Evans, Camila Salcedo, Florence Yee, Lacie Lee Burning, and Noelle Perdue

slow horizon curated by Karina Iskandarsjah Donya Aref, Mitra Fakhrashrafi, Kim Ninkuru, Adrienne Matheuszik

The way you look tonight curated by Philip Leonard Ocampo Raúl Aguilar Canela, Vida Beyer, Olivia Klevorn, Karice Mitchell, Ryan Danny Owen, Aden Solway⁠⁠, and additional programming by Josi Smit⁠

behind the curtain cultivated by Morgan Sears Williams Maddie Alexander, Dana Buzzee, Faith Alexandra Marie, Adrienne Huard, Wren Tian-Morris, and B.G-Osborne

the body as a fever dream curated by Dallas Fellini Séamus Gallagher, Eija Loponen-Stephenson, Sheri Osden Nault, Camille Rojas, Lauren Runions, and B Wijshijer

Your Hands and Eyes Keep Us Alive curated by Cleopatria Peterson Clara Lynas, Kaya Joan, and Forest Van Winkle

Memorial: Work by Artists of the Venezuelan Diaspora curated by Camila Salcedo Alejandro Rizzo Nervo, Andrea Dudier, denirée isabel, Cecilia Salcedo and Camila Salcedo with performances by Ana Luisa Bernardez Notz and Sebastián Rodríguez y Vasti

Emotional Objects Ana Morningstar, Yasmeen Nematt Alla, Yahn Nemirovsky, Danny Welsh, Hannah Zbitnew with Lisette Markiewicz

Señorita Colombia: Exhibition and Performance

waabandiwag curated by Natalie King Mo Thunder, Aylan Couchie, Kadrah Mensah, Karalyn Reuben, Curtia Wright

Gucci could Never curated by Dana Snow Binary Rainbow, Lenox Daley, Alexi Pedneault, Sean Sandusky, Maximilian Suillerot

The Bald Eagle’s Claw curated by Philip Leonard Ocampo Yan Wen Chang, Brandon Fujimagari, Andrew Harding, Josi Smit alongside text work by Philippe Pamela Dungao and Ana Morningstar

The Bald Eagle’s Claw: Performance Evening Performances by Madelyne Beckles, Dorica Manuel, and Marissa Sean Cruz

Between Ice and Earth curated by Megan Feheley and Tom Mcleod Ana Morningstar, Dehmin Cleland, Megan Feheley, Laura St. Amant, Amanda Amour-Lynx, Ben Kicknosway, Kaya Joan, Tom Mcleod

Xpace Fundraiser Exhibition 2019

Alternative Tentacle 14

Recess curated by Jaycee Tu Rowena Katigbak, Eric Oh, Lina Wu, Yuma Yanagisawa, Cristine Yunyk.

Productive Discomfort curated by Lauren Cullen Susan Blight, Heidi Cho, Kaythi, Seiji, Anne Rucchetto, Jessica Watkin, and James Yeboah

Soft Refractions curated by Mary Chen and Theresa Wang DeBugReBoot, Jessy Kitchen, HaeAhn Kwon, IvanovStoeva, Carson Teal, Xuan Ye

Unvanishing Traces curated by Sanjit Dhillon and Vince Rozario Mikayla de Bruyn, Megan Feheley, Ashley Freeby, Aaron Moore, Maanii Oakes and Ayo Tsalithaba

An Observable Collapse Towards Another curated by Rowan Lynch Benjamin de Boer, Andrew Hoekstra, Sara Kay Maston, Cadence Planthara

Veins of Existence: Beyond Survival curated by Sean Sandusky Wil Brask and Natalie King, Justus Buenaflor, Kevin Holliday, Gabrielle Leighton, Rowan Red Sky

Xpace Fundraiser Exhibition 2018

altMFG Pop-Up Shop & Art Show

Expedition Elsewhere curated by Amanda Low and Philip Leonard Ocampo Sonia Beckwith-Cole and Nicole Ji Soo, Dylan Glynn, Amanda Low, Kai Lumbang, Kira Reau

Sanctuary Inter/rupted curated by Jessica Kirk and Mitra Fakhrashrafi Kaiatanoron Dumoulin Bush with Ryan Rice, Amani Bin Shikhan with Hamda Warsame, Sharine Taylor, Samira Warsame and Noor Khan

For Us, By Us curated by Geneviève Wallen Andre Baynes, Lwrds Duniam & Aemilius Milo, Dana Prieto with Chandra Maracle, Rowan Red Sky, and Sheila Sampath

Installation as a Subversive Art curated by Katie Kotler Ray Dark, James Knott, Maddy Mathews, Cotey Pope, Liana Schmidt.

Soft Moods curated by Emily Gove Wil Brask, Lee D'Angelo & Bethany Rose Puttkemery, Destiny Grimm, cherry kutti

Intersections in Dance curated by Victoria Mohr-Blakeney Daria Blum, Ella Cooper, Danièle Dennis, jes sachse, Allanah Vokes.

recurrence curated by Maandeeq Mohamed Kim Ninkuru, Fallon Simard, Kamika Peters, Adrienne Crossman, Alli Logout

altMFG Pop-Up Shop

VPN to IRL curated by Tak Pham Ronnie Clarke, Marlon Kroll, Sophia Oppel, Tommy Truong

Blood Ties curated by Geneviève Wallen and Eve Tagny Omar Badrin, Aditi Ohri, Shahir Omar-Qrishnaswamy, Fallon Simard, Eve Tagny

Where is home? curated by Zviko Mhakayakora Jessica Gaba, Karina Iskandarsjah, Zana Kozomora, Annie Patiño-Marin, Maxim Vlassenko

Ghost Story curated by Blair Swann Anna Eyler, Laura Findlay, Mickey Mackenna, Sarah Sands Phillips, Angie Quick, Stanzie Tooth

What would the community think? curated by Emily Gove @gothshakira, Bonerkill, Kiera Boult, Sofy Mesa

Blindspots curated by Dainesha Nugent-Palache Darryl Terrell, Derrick Woods-Morrow, TeeJay Hayche, Mariel Zinman, Shellie Zhang

Xpace Fundraiser 2016 featuring Lido Pimienta

#altMFG pop-up SHOP

Vulgar Era curated by Tobias Williams Alessia Dowhaniuk , Trudy Erin Elmore, Alanna Gilchrist, Dahae Song, Erin Whittier

Design + Community Atanas Bozdarov, Danica Drago, Lido Pimienta, Patterns Magazine, Team Sagittariu

100percentreal curated by Adrienne Crossman Adrienne Crossman

Swallowed Alexandra Mackenzie

Girl Germs curated by Emily Gove Lauren Cullen, Beth Frey, Katie Morton and Amy Wong

Politics of Design David Caterini & David Schnitman Paul Chartrand Julian Garcia & Eli Kerr Ambrose Li Pablo Muñoz Stephen Surlin

Alternative Tentacle 10

Spectres of the Future curated by Shauna Jean Doherty Victoria Delle Donne, James Rollo, Franco Arcieri, and Sook Jung

Pattern Makers curated by Brette Gabel Claire Bartleman, Colleen McCarten, Sam Pedicelli and Charlotte Moynes

Relief Support curated by Amber Landgraff Alize Zorlutuna, Anni Araujo Spadafora, Hannah Enkel

OUGHT curated by Joële Walinga Anna May Henry, Alicia Nauta, Natalie Logan, Madelene Veber, Meg Remy, Geetha Thurairajah

Beyond the Tropics curated by Sebastian Benitez Emma Edghill, Sonet Providence, Bryan Bermudez, Talia Peckel, Daniela Jordan-Villaveces, Sebastian Benitez

Versioning curated by Brendan George Ko Parker Kay, Connor Crawford, Michael Abel

Uncommon Commons curated by Amber Landgraff Mary Tremonte, Parastoo Anoushahpour and Jp King

Tectonic Breaks curated by Aryen Hoekstra and Jenine Marsh Jen Aitken, Zoe Downie-Ross, Andrew Hoekstra, Tiziana La Melia and Matt Schust

Alternative Tentacle 9

Transcending Binaries curated by Adrienne Crossman Sarah D’Angelo, Adriana Disman, Nathan Flint, Bronwen Deurbrouck, Peter Rahul, and Quinn Robertson

FADO’s 2014 Emerging Artists Series curated by Kate Barry Anthea Fitz-James, Emma-Kate Guimond, Jessica Karuhanga, Arkadi Lavoie Lachapelle, Rah

Posts and Pillars curated by Jennifer Simaitis and Stefan Hancherow Alexis Boyle, Andrew Buszchak, Emily Davidson, Aryen Hoekstra and Miles Stemp

Provisions curated by Ellyn Walker Maggie Groat, Tiziana La Melia, Kristie MacDonald

Betrayal of the Proper Medium curated by Andrew Remington Bailey Michael Wirth Broff, Pat Navarro, Patrick Krzyzanowski, Reid Jenkins & Andrew Remington Bailey

Mystery Machine Marvin Antonio, Manden Murphy & Augustina Saygnavong

Storied Telling curated by Amber Landgraff Ella Dawn McGeough, Humboldt Magnussen, Alexis Boyle and Brette Gabel

Yahoo! Answers curated by Alicia Nauta Bridget Moser, Joële Walinga, Diana McNally and Catherine Polcz

Alternative Tentacle 8

An Illuminated iDentity curated by David Hanes David Hanes

FADO EMERGING ARTISTS SERIES 2013 curated by Francisco-Fernando Granados Basil AlZeri, Golboo Amani, Cressida Kocienski, Maryam Taghavi

THE ARCHIVISTS curated by Cameron Lee Melissa Fisher, Felix Kalmenson, Zoe Solomon

Talking to other people (in a really loud room) Adrian DiLena, Paul Moleiro, Stefan Nicoloff, Sona Safaei

NEITHER HERE NOR THERE Adrienne Crossman and Ursula Handleigh

nostalgia for postmodernists (after modernism) curated by Amber Landgraff Aryen Hoekstra, Tobias Williams, and Julian Higuerey Núñez

XPACE SUMMER RESIDENCY Mason Mummery, Krystina Plante, Lee Aaron Wiesblatt

DENOUNCING EARTHLY ANIMAL DESIRES Kaitlyn Bourden, Jessica Allen, Nitasha Mcknight


YESTERDAY’S TODAY, TOMORROW curated by Vikki Dziuma Susan Campbell, Aryen Hoekstra, Brianna Lowe, Aamna Muzaffar, Tyler Muzzin, Nickey Runham, Andrew Zealley

CEREBRAL ARENA Brianna Lowe, Lauren Pelc-McArthur and Graham Ruddy

MAGNETIC IMPULSES Jaime Angelopoulos, Kali Fisher, Ariel Kellett, Derrick Piens.

CAVALCADE Dmitry Bondarenko, Daniel Downey, Jessie Durham, Adrian Forrow, Ali Hall, Nat Janin, Ahmed Kassem, Sean Lewis, and Javier Ortiz

The Typology and Topography of Repitition curated by Deborah Wang Danielle Bleackley, Jennifer Cherniack, Alicia Nauta, Lisa Visser.

PARTS OF A HOLE Jesse B. Harris, Aleksander Hardashnakov, Ben Schumacher, Liam Crockard, Abby McGuane, Hugh Scott-Douglas, Georgia Dickie, Tibi Tibi Neuspiel and Sara Cwynar

THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH Brett Despotovich, Pierre Durette, Alexis Mitchell, Amanda Nedham, Aldo Parise, Margaret Saliba, Carolyn Tripp

WE ARE WILD curated By: Shelby Richardson Nathan Cyprys, Dianne Davis, Brendan George Ko, Meryl McMaster, Darren Rigo

STATIC AND LOSS Martin Kuchar and Andrew Macdonald

CONFESSIONS OF LOVE Tad Hozumi and Daisuke Takeya