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digital intimacies curated by Emma Steen

Aria Evans, Camila Salcedo, Florence Yee, Lacie Lee Burning, and Noelle Perdue

April 16, 2021 - May 15, 2021

Essay by Emma Steen

How do we get intimate with the digital? Can we fall in love with code, or locate new meanings of being through our desktop? As the global pandemic continues to keep us indoors, digital intimacies are at an all time high as we all must navigate what it means to find ourselves, our partners, and our kinks online while combating the isolation of being alone.

In the form of an early online dating website (think circa 1998), artists are asked to consider how they themselves use the digital to explore gender, sex and love. With their profiles as the artist’s attempt for connection, we as the audience peruse the site to possibly find our own match in isolation.

Image by Aria Evans

NOTE: This exhibition was held online from April 16th – May 15th, 2021 at  The exhibition website is no longer live. Please check out the virtual exhibition walkthrough below!