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Feburary Exhibitions and Calls for Submissions

XPACE will host its first round of openings in the NEW SPACE at 303 Landsdowne Ave this Friday, February 1rst! Drinks and snacks will be provided, artists and curators will be in attendance! Below is information about the exhibition, along with short blurbs about the participating artists! MAIN SPACE   The Archivists Curated by: Cameron


A big thank you to all of the participants, attendees and volunteers who helped make this past FEAST event a success. Thank you to Lisa for the delicious food (the moistest of cornbreads!), to Greer and Ginger for their help serving and setting up, to Alison for her dj-skills and of course to Amber for

New Space / FEAST / Submissions / EVENT

NEW LOCATIONXPACE has moved to 301 Landsdowne Ave! Here are some sneak peeks at the new space: Window Space Facing out onto Landsdowne Ave, the window space provides opportunity or collaborative exhibitions that can be viewed around the clock.  Main Space Xpace’s primary space, programmed for group exhibitions, as well as panel discussions, workshops and

New Space/Feast/Upcoming Workshops and Call for Submission

Renovations of the new space at 301 Landsdowne Ave are going very well! Here are some photos of the progress so far, and to the spaces in the Gallery. Window: The Window space is larger than Ossin

SWAP- Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions swap |swäp| verb ( swapped , swapping ) take part in an exchange of : I was wondering if you’d like to swap with me. • give (one thing) and receive something else in exchange : swap one of your sandwiches for a cheese and pickle? • substitute (one thing) for another : I swapped my busy life

Upcoming: Workshop/Discussion at XPACE

Talking Back to the Officer: A discussion on how to get a grant with Peter Livingstone XPACE Cultural Centre 303 Lansdowne Ave, Main Floor Unit 2 M6K 2W5  Saturday, February 16th 1- 4pm *Free XPACE is pleased to present a workshop/discussion with Peter Kingstone (Acting Visual/Media Arts Officer at Toronto Arts Council). He will lead