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<3 Emerging Artists <3

Blog TO recently listed Xpace as one of the best contemporary art galleries for emerging artists in Toronto! Obviously we are quite pleased to have made the list, but it also started us thinking about what makes a good gallery for emerging artists. Of course someone who is looking for opportunities to commercially sell their

Pay Your Interns

Working in the arts means that you get asked to work for free a lot. There are a ton of jobs that are posted promising experience in exchange for your hard work. While it may seem like an unpaid internship is a right of passage that everyone has to take, you should know your rights

Proposal Perplexity

For many emerging artists, figuring out how to get your work into a gallery or exhibition is an important first step for building your artistic career.  Most galleries have a specific process for applying for an exhibition.  It is always important to take the time to look for the proper submission process first before contacting

Island Times

    On Monday we went to Toronto Island to visit our Xpace summer residents at Artscape Gibraltar Point. We met up with artists in residence Danica Drago, and Hudson Christie  and writer in residence Jonathan Lockyer in their studio space. The two week long residency on the island started on August 1st. The trio will