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Emily Gove

Travel journal: New York City, 2019

In September of this year I was able to travel to New York city with some generous support from the gallery. Under less than ideal circumstances (in relation to life events, purpose, funds and other commitments) my only other experiences with this place have been either too short or unfulfilled. There’s a difference between looking and

Gardening with Native Plants

During For Us, By Us‘ opening night, there was a “Seed Swap” and everyone was welcomed to go home with a variety of native flower and vegetable seeds. We have  grOCAD  and professor Sayeh Dastgheib-Beheshti to thank for their generous contributions. In conversation with the exchange that occurred on the reception evening, I thought that it would be

For Us, By Us Database Launch

  I am very excited by this first blog post featuring a bountiful basket of goodies. This image picturing Oprah presenting such abundance from the land, is gold to me. I feel very drawn to it, especially as a Black woman who is passionate about gardening. Not only does it visually defeat a spectrum of images

The Art of Slowness

It is mid-August and the skies are oily with smog. A handful of galleries have pressed pause on their exhibition cycle, the city streets half-buzz, half-empty as vacationers exit the city for reprieve. If we want to talk about seasonal slowness, August is the month when structures loosen and demands slacken. So, perhaps it comes

Travel journal: Austin and Dallas, TX

Xpace Director Emily Gove recently travelled to Texas and visited the Blanton Art Museum, The Contemporary Austin, the Webb Gallery and Nasher Sculpture Center while exploring Austin, Dallas and Waxahachie. Check out her photos below. Gran Fury, Riot in Come As You Are: Art of the 1990s at the Blanton Art Museum in Austin, TX

Travel journal: Detroit, Akron, Cleveland and Alliance

Our Director, Emily Gove, visited Detroit, Cleveland, Akron and Alliance this weekend – check out her photos below from MOCAD, Cranbrook Art Museum, Akron Art Museum, the Troll Hole Art Emporium, the Feline Historical Museum, MOCA Cleveland, Transformer Station and the Cleveland Institute of Art: Dave Eggers Prints and Drawings in the Mobile Homestead at

Dupont Street Art District

Nude in the Woods, Jessica Groome, Erin Stump Projects. With many of Toronto’s beloved galleries making the move to Dupont St., I decided to take a walk in the new gallery hub on a shockingly warm November day. With such a high population of contemporary galleries within a couple block radius, there is a real

Anti-discrimination in the classroom

Academic institutions, particularly Art and Design Schools, tend to be though of as progressive spaces. At least they should be: Art and design is avant-garde and pushes social boundaries. Yet discrimination in the classroom continues to affect many students, particularly indigenous students, women, folks who don’t fit heteronormative gender and sexual binaries, migrant students and

Integrated Media Interview Series: Molly Shears

We will be posting a series of interviews our intern Katie Kotler did with a handful of Integrated Media students about their work. we start the series with Molly Shears, enjoy! Molly Shears is a third-year Integrated Media student. You can see samples of her work at: 1. Tell me about your technique and preferred


Current Mood: Everything seems to be coming to an end. Grad Ex was last night and it showcased a lot of wonderful artists and peers of mine. So much art, so many people, seriously ridiculous. I left early, since I hate large groups of people so I am probably going to go back this weekend