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Events March 24 to April 1st, Calls for Submission

Events March 18th to 25 and Call for Submissions

Exhibition Extras

By Humboldt Magnussen A couple of years ago I went to a photo exhibition by an emerging photographer. The photos were of old hand painted signs on the sides of large brick buildings.  I cannot really remember what the work really looked like, just that I decided it was “not a good show,” a decision

Spring + Winter = Sprinter and its kinda gross

By Humboldt Magnussen Spring is in the air, the snow is melting and the sun is shining. Unfortunately the snow is melting exposing the garbage and dog crap that was once hidden. It’s an awkward stage in the season that needs some time for adjustments. It’s still too cold to really say it is spring,

Upcoming Events, and Submissions

Upcoming Events

Commercial Success

By Humboldt Magnussen In my undergrad I had a professor who would raid her bookshelves before class and fill up a cart of art books that we could flip through if we wanted a break from painting. This is how I was introduced to General Idea and Carolee Schneemann, artists who have been very influential