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Happy Holidays and Our Favourite Exhibitions of the Year.

  The holidays are right around the corner and the best thing to do during the holidays is nothing. The life of the artist is usually a busy one, where juggling your art practice, your part-time job, submissions, checking out shows, doing research et cetera doesn’t leave you a lot of time to relax. Trying

Call For Submissions, Event, and Jobs.

Upcoming Events, and Calls for Proposals Dec11 to 18th

I’ve Got a Proposition For Ya

A couple of years back I was working on a series of large oil paintings in my studio, the paintings were good but no one ever saw them. After I finished a painting I would put it in storage, which just so happened to be where the kitty litter was kept. Months went by and

Upcoming Events for the week of Dec 04 to 11, and Call for Submission

Let’s get Critical

  Given that art is subjective in nature it can be difficult to be critical of the artwork or exhibition on display.  My mother always says “If you cant say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”  But is that true when talking about art? Can we be critical and publicly acknowledge what we think