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Events March 24 to April 1st, Calls for Submission

The Curatorial Hardware Series Part 1 “Lights, Level, Lens”

At Gallery 44, 401 Richmond Street #120

Tuesday March 26th 6:30 to 8:30

The Curators’ Network Canada invites you to meet and learn from those working in the field of exhibition making whose technical expertise visualizes curatorial projects.

Guest speakers:

Angelo Pedari, installation, The Art Gallery of Ontario

Paul Mathieson, exhibition lighting, The Art Gallery of Ontario

Toni Hafkenscheid, documenting exhibitions, Freelance Photographer

Each speaker will share his best and funniest exhibition-making story, followed by a Q&A hosted by the talented and funny Zeesy Powers. This is an opportunity to ask practical, skill specific questions that arise when curating any exhibition, small or large.

Cover $5 (at the door), free for members

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An Art Practice of Everyday Life By Trent Hunter

At OCAD University Graduate Gallery 205 Richmond Duncan Entrance

Wednesday March 26th 5 to 9

By Trent Hunter

By Trent Hunter

Please join the Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design Program and the Graduate Studies Department in celebrating the IAMD Thesis Exhibition of MFA candidate Trent Hunter.

An Art Practice of Everyday Life

2014 IAMD Thesis Exhibition by Trent Hunter

OCADU Graduate Gallery, 205 Richmond Street West

Closing Reception – March 26, 5-9pm

Gallery Hours – March 24, 25 12-5pm

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Christopher Sunset By Shauna Born

At Katherine Mulherin Contemporary

Thursday March 27th

“My current project shifts focus from many idealized faces, to just one with a name (albeit an invented one). Christopher Sunset is a series of coloured pencil drawings based on an invented character. I’ve become obsessed with compiling images of the deliciously bearded French fashion model Patrick Petitjean. What interests me about these photographs is the false narrative of this man’s life that can be assumed when viewing the images out of their intended context. Although the man Patrick is an actual breathing person (and not the Frankensteined Zeuxis composites I created for Galore), I have no interest in him as a real person (who he is, what he dreams, etc.), only in his representation and the ability that images possess to allow for the building of invented personal mythologies. The narrative arc of the series does not follow the person Patrick or his real experiences. Neither are they about the fashion model Patrick and his photo shoots, but an illustrated false narrative starring Christopher Sunset. Through this recontextualization of imagery I am questioning the authenticity of the image and a perceived narrative both gathered and displayed through representation.

These drawings were made with hatching techniques related to traditional etching and early renaissance tempera painters in mind. Layered in this way, pencil crayon allows for a muted colour palette that recalls faded snapshots or children’s book illustrations that employed early four-colour printing methods, which further reinforce an emphasis on narrative story telling.

Many of us participate in an online world that encourages the creation of personal mythologies through digital photographs complied on social media sites. There is pressure to self-brand, to turn one’s private life into a commodity. I am interested in exploring how invented identities can be presented and given authority due to the perceived authenticity of images and representation.”


Hanna Hur : Mirage!

At Daniel Faria Gallery 188 St Helens

Friday March 28th 6 – 8 pm


Artist in attendance

The Daniel Faria Gallery is pleased to present Mirage!, a solo exhibition by Hanna Hur.

Featuring Hur’s paintings and fibre-based works, Mirage! contemplates a time of disquiet for the artist. Having found her ability to move limited due to a decreased physical state, Hur approaches painting in gradual, layered steps, beginning with drawing – an immediate mode of mark-making. Graphite, watercolour pencils and china marker on gessoed, stretched linens are treated with light washes of oil paint. By using traditional drawing tools on materials historically rooted in painting, Hur formulates a new process that expands perspectives on painting.

The works in Mirage! present a narrative distilled from the artist’s hyper-awareness of the body. In this series of paintings, Hur calls the figure into the picture frame, arranging bodies in a variety of poses that convey aspects of health and ability. Hur’s purposefully effete figuration resists solidity and substantiality, weightless figures portraying ambiguous identities in a state of flux.

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SYS.TE/M FAIL.U+RE // Revelations of the interface

2186 Gallery 2186 Dundas Street West

Friday March 28th 7 – 10


Curated by Shauna Jean Doherty

OCADU Thesis Exhibition


The exhibition SYS.TE/M FAIL.U+RE investigates the increasing invisibility of the technology that surrounds us.

Four new media artists, Ezra Hanson-White, Jennifer Chan, Nick Briz and Adrienne Crossman use the digital interface as their subject in these experimental video works, critically considering the implications of technological transparency.


Through the appropriation of software imagery and computer glitches these artists disrupt the conventional representation of digital information. They effectively suggest alternative perspectives and modes of expression in a world saturated by technology designed to go undetected.

Please join me on March 28th for the opening reception from 7 – 10 pm with a sound installation by Thomas Cade.

Poster Designed by Monika Traikov

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There are three events part of 11:45 FADO’s Emerging Artist Series curated by Kate Barry and co-presented by Xpace Cultural Centre.

At Xpace Cultural Centre

2-303 Lansdowne Avenue


Durational performance is a mode of live art where the artist works directly with the medium of time. Over the course of hours, days or longer the performer and the audience can experience a physical, mental, spiritual and/or emotional transformation. Durational performance functions to bring the performer and the audience into the moment; time is made palatable and visceral. Artists like Tehching Hsieh, Alastair Maclennan, and most famously, Marina Abramovic, demonstrate how durational performance art can use mental and physical endurance to challenge the commoditization of art by offering an experience of art that is ephemeral by nature. 11:45PM will present a collection of durational works, spread out over the course of March, throughout the gallery.


Arkadi Lavoie Lachapelle

6 hours 6 minutes 6 seconds

March 28, 6pm – 12:06:06am

***NEEDED: For this performance, the audience is encouraged to bring with them, or to drop off at the gallery anytime during gallery hours from March 8-28, items from their homes that represent evil to them. Can be any kind of object, from a banal household item to a talisman. Object must be wrapped, so the contents are not known. All objects will be used in the performance. For gallery hours and location, visit:


The Curatorial Hardware Series Part 1 “Lights, Level, Lens”

At Gallery 44, 401 Richmond Street #120

Tuesday March 26th 6:30 to 8:30


The Curators’ Network Canada invites you to meet and learn from those working in the field of exhibition making whose technical expertise visualizes curatorial projects.


Guest speakers:


Angelo Pedari, installation, The Art Gallery of Ontario

Paul Mathieson, exhibition lighting, The Art Gallery of Ontario

Toni Hafkenscheid, documenting exhibitions, Freelance Photographer


Each speaker will share his best and funniest exhibition-making story, followed by a Q&A hosted by the talented and funny Zeesy Powers. This is an opportunity to ask practical, skill specific questions that arise when curating any exhibition, small or large.


Cover $5 (at the door), free for members


Facebook Events :


Saturday March 29, 6:30pm


What Happens After Midnight: Artists Panel

Come for Rah Saneie’s performance and stay for the series closing panel. Moderated by local durational performance legend Tanya Mars, in conversation with the artists and curator Kate Barry.


In The Space of A Day By Faraz Anoushahpour

At OCADU Graduate Gallery 205 Richmond Street West

Saturady March 29th 7 to 11


In the Space of a Day is an exhibition by Faraz Anoushahpour, MFA candidate from OCADU University.


Opening Reception March 29th: 7 – 11


The gallery hours are 12 am to 6pm /March 30-April 1


-Video works by Faraz anoushahpour-


Facebook Event



At Cooper Cole 1161 Dundas Street West

Saturday March 29th 7 – 10


Support a good cause! Win crazy cool prizes!!! Help me open this non-profit! I can’t do it without you!


Please come to this fundraiser for GAL, an art centre in-the-making for women and girls in the city; a space for them to create, learn art skills, as well as share, support and connect with one another.


The night will include a special 2-piece performance by Dusted, DJ Pammm and DJ Michael Bigelow, and a raffle including such great prizes:


gift certificates from Parts & Labour, Penny Arcade, CHOSEN Vintage, Get Well Bar, Province Apothecary, Parts & Labour, The Ace, Chief Salvage Co., Live Food Bar, Aboveground Art Supplies, tickets to see Neko Case at Massey Hall, gifts from Hand Drawn Dracula, Telephone Explosion, Eleventhirty, singing lessons from the amazing Dawn Lewis and so many more things!


We need money for a website, art supplies, instructors, legal fees associated with becoming a registered non-profit, the a million other things we need to start up! You can help!


Obviously your attendance and support will be majorly appreciated and so so so helpful to this cause!


Facebook Event


Panel Discussion on Performance Art At Videofag

At Videofag 187 Augusta Ave

Sunday March 30th 2:00


Please join me for a panel discussion about performance art with guest speakers Shannon Cochrane, Keith Cole, Bridget Moser and Amber Landgraff, chaired by Humboldt Magnussen.


The conversation will focus on issues of ephemerality, residue and documentation. Each speaker has been asked to consider their working method and whether or not they are interested in a lasting legacy for the work produced.


This event coincides with Magnussen’s MFA thesis exhibition “Go Hard or Go Home” which exhibits two recent performances pieces.

This event is free and open to the public, snacks and refreshments will be served.


Shannon Cochrane is a Toronto-based performance artist. Her work has been presented in Toronto, Montréal, Halifax and Vancouver; and internationally in over a dozen countries in Asia, Europe, UK, and USA. She is the Artistic Director of FADO Performance Art Centre (, an artist-run centre dedicated to the presentation of international contemporary performance artists year-round. She is one of the co-founders and co-curators of Toronto’s biennial 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art (, established in 1997.


Keith Cole holds a MFA from OCAD U (2012) and currently he is pursing a self-directed post-graduate study in Contemporary Art History. Upcoming: he will be conjuring up the spirit of Oscar Wilde and his 1882 lecture in Toronto’s Allan Gardens for WorldPride + revisiting his various roles in the now famous TRUTH/DARE live performance also for WorldPride 2014 in Toronto.


Bridget Moser graduated from Concordia University in Montreal in 2009 with a BFA in Studio Art. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and artist-run centres across Canada, the United States, and Europe. She performs regularly at Doored, a monthly performance art and comedy show organised and hosted by Life of a Craphead (Jon McCurley and Amy Lam). She recently presented new video and performance work in the exhibition Push and Pull at Mercer Union. Bridget lives and works in Toronto.


Amber Landgraff is a Toronto based curator and writer. She has an MFA in Criticism and Curatorial Practices, is one of the organizers of FEAST Toronto (an ongoing community dinner and microfunding event), and writes, often about art, politics and labour, for both Fuse and C Magazines. She is currently the director at Xpace Cultural Centre, a not-for-profit artist-run centre that focuses on supporting and offering professional opportunities to emerging artists.


Humboldt Magnussen is an emerging artist from Saskatchewan who is currently completing his Master’s of Fine Arts degree at OCAD University in the Interdisciplinary Art, Media, and Design Program. He completed his BFA with distinction at Concordia University, including a year abroad studying at the Malmo Art Academy in Sweden.



Call for Submissions


 Hazelton Lanes Arts Festival: Reconstructing (S)P(L)ace

Monday March 24, 2014 to Friday April 4, 2014

Attention all fourth-year Faculty of Art students, graduate students and OCAD U recent graduates

Submission Deadline: Monday, April 4, 2014

We are pleased to announce the second edition of the Hazelton Lanes Arts Festival developed in collaboration between OCAD University and the First Capital Realty (FCR). The event will take place between May 8-16, 2014 at the Hazelton Lanes shopping mall located in the historic Yorkville district. The mall is currently undergoing major architectural transformation that is expected to be completed in 2015. The festival will showcase a curated exhibition of art by recent OCAD U graduates and fourth-year students and a number of dynamic events including artist talks, panel discussions, performances and workshops that will engage public with contemporary art ideas and culture. 

All fourth-year Faculty of Art students, graduate students and recent graduates are invited to submit proposals to be considered for a juried exhibition. This year, artists are invited to submit work in response to the concept of RECONSTRUCTING (S)P(L)ACE which is an overarching theme of this year’s festival. The term SPLACE lends itself as a metonym in which “place”, as word and concept, resonates with/in “space”. Each word has a similar and yet slightly different meaning from the other and when referenced together create a delicious frisson which acts as a catalyst for reinventing the poetics of space and exploring the notions of renovation, adaptation, and location in both pictorial and temporal ways. 

The submission process is open to all media, however, artists are asked to consider the relationship of their work to SPLACE, whether in literal, metaphoric, stylistic or relational ways. The applicants can apply by submitting up to three images of recent/existing work accompanied by a brief description of work and the application form that can also be obtained from the Faculty of Art Office. 

The works to be featured in the exhibition will be selected by a jury that includes representatives of First Capital Realty and OCAD U, as well as an external art expert/consultant. All selected artists will be entitled to an artist’s fee of $250.00 and all works will be for sale. Last year, the exhibition Unfolding the Oval Square featured twenty four works of art with more than sixty percent sold on site during a ten-day festival.


AKA Artist Run Centre Saskatoon


aka artist run has an upcoming submission deadline: March 31 2014.
We invite applications for both our gallery space and our shared billboard space.

aka artist run is an artist-run centre dedicated to growth, dissemination and experimentation in contemporary art. AKA prioritizes work that is non-commercial in nature with a focus on work informed by diverse cultural communities. Our selection committee meets once annually, after the March 31st deadline. Current staff and board members are never entitled to submit proposals.

Total floor area: 1063.6 sq. feet (324.2m)
Linear hanging wall surface: 118 feet (36m)
Ceiling Height: 11.6 feet (3.5m)

1. Exhibition or project description (max one-page),

2. CV

3. Support Material

• a maximum of 20 images of current work related to your proposal.

• Include a separate image list (titles, dimensions, dates, media).

• JPEG files only

• 1024 pixels wide and 768 pixels high.

• 1 MB maximum.

• RGB, or grayscale colour mode files only (no CMYK).

• Number and title each file (digital still); the number must appear before the title so that the order of the images will correspond to the image list, example: 001RedPainting.jpg.

• Do not submit images embedded in the following programs or formats: iphoto, Powerpoint.



• a maximum of 20 minutes of time-based work. Time-based work can also be submitted as a computer-based media format that can be read by the following programs: Quicktime, RealOne Player, or are in the following formats: .mov, .mp4, .avi.
(NOTE: you may send us a private link to view video samples on Youtube, Vimeo or Flickr).

• Include a separate documentation list (title, length, year, medium).


If you are submitting a combination of images and time-based work, subtract one digital still for every 2 minutes of time-based work submitted.

aka has moved towards paperless submissions: all applications and support material should be digitized to ensure the jury will consider it.
Submit Proposals via Dropbox, WeTransfer, or other online file sharing protocols to


Gallery TPW is a not-for-profit, artist-run centre dedicated to the presentation and critical investigation of contemporary still and time-based images, exploring the exchange between photography, film and video. Through a diverse program of exhibitions, screenings, performance, new critical writing and unique public programs, TPW is distinctive in expanding an awareness of the vital role that images play in contemporary culture. Committed to the development of a critical visual literacy, TPW programs have a strong investment in the creative potential of pedagogy, cross-disciplinary dialogue and engaged institutional collaboration.

Since the fall of 2012, Gallery TPW has occupied a temporary storefront while we work towards our goal of securing a sustainable long-term home. Our project space, branded as TPW R&D, is intended as a transitional and flexible space for shared research and the development of critical discourse. As a temporary research office, our focus is discursive programming — writing, screenings, discussions, workshops, and fluid exhibition and performance strategies — where we can think out loud about our methodologies for looking and showing as much as we continue to directly experience the force of images.

While we remain committed to the long-term project of the gallery as a space of productive, sustained engagement with images, during the R&D period we’ve taken the emphasis off the treadmill of exhibitions. Our intention is to broadly consider what “research” looks like, what its goals are, and how we can do it in and with a public.

We invite local and international artists, curators and thinkers to submit expressions of interest for working with us at TPW R&D. We’re particularly interested in proposals that bring together acts of showing with directed acts of critical and affective engagement, with material and ideas but also, importantly, with each other.

You can get a sense of how things have been shaped here:, but we’re certain you have new ideas about where to take TPW R&D next.

Send your ideas to our curator Kim Simon at There’s no deadline, we’re happy to have this be an ongoing conversation while we’re in the R&D space. Just give us some time to get back to you.


Klondike Institute of Art and Culture

The Klondike Institute of Art & Culture (KIAC) in Dawson City, Yukon Territory is now accepting proposals from visual artists and curators working in all media for both ODD Gallery exhibition programming and the KIAC Artist in Residence Program. Submissions will be considered for the January 2015 to December 2015 exhibition and residency schedule.




Visit the Klondike Institute of Art & Culture (KIAC) online at for more information.


Founded in 2001, the KIAC Artist in Residence Program has welcomed nearly 200 talented artists, musicians and filmmakers to Dawson City from all regions of Canada and around the world. The program operates year-round and accommodates two artists concurrently for residencies of four to twelve weeks in duration. Artists in Residence also facilitate outreach programs such as artist talks, open studios and workshops intended to promote interaction and professional development, and advance the understanding and appreciation of contemporary arts practices within the community.

Complete submission guidelines for the Artist in Residence Program are available here:




The Eleventh Joseph Plaskett Award! 2014

 Now Accepting Applications

A $25,000 Award

Outstanding Emerging Canadian Painter

For applications, guidelines and questions (FAQ) please view the website:

JURY The jury takes place each year in a different city. Our thanks to the time and considerate expertise given by the2013 Jury: Renee Van Halm, Robert Youds and Ben Reeves in Vancouver.

This year the 2014 Jury will be held in Winnipeg.


Download the 2014 application form at Application dossier must reach the Plaskett Foundation (not post-marked) at the Toronto office of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA) by 4 pm April 1, 2014.


The recipient of the award will be announced in Vancouver at the “Ten Years of the Plaskett; Exhibition and Symposium” events to be held at the Equinox Gallery and Emily Carr University on Friday May 9 and Saturday May 10, 2014.

The Prize will also be announced at the Presidents Dinner of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA) AGA on Saturday May17 as part of the 134th Annual General Assembly held this year in Edmonton. Following this, the announcement will be on the website.


The Joseph Plaskett Foundation was established in 2004 and partners with the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA) to fulfill the vision and generousity of the Canadian born artist Joseph Plaskett, now in his 96th year, to lend expertise and administrative support.

The Plaskett Award process, now in its eleventh year, is coordinated by Emily Carr University of Art + Design Professor and artist, Landon Mackenzie. The philosophy of Mackenzie and her colleagues on the Joseph Plaskett Foundation is that strong juries choose strong candidates, which in turn enhances the integrity of this prestigious award.


All inquiries about the Joseph Plaskett Foundation and The Plaskett Award may be directed to

Call For Submissions OCADU Student Gallery

The OCAD U Student Gallery is accepting submissions for the 2014/15 exhibition period. We accept both group and individual applications, as well as curatorial proposals. Students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. For an application complete with guidelines click here! Deadline: Friday, April 18 2014!

The OCAD U Student Gallery is an exhibition venue funded by OCAD University and by the undergraduate students by way of an Ancillary Fee. The gallery exists to serve the campus community including students, alumni, staff and faculty. The gallery showcases in-house talent, provides professional practice training, and serves as an on-campus social space.

Two Programs Coordinators manage the annual schedule of exhibitions and events with the support of its Advisory and Selection committees. The Advisory Committee meets twice per year; and the Selection Committee meets in the springtime, after the gallery’s annual call for submissions.


Cedar Ridge Creative Centre

Artist in Residence Program

July 1 – August 31, 2014



Friday, April 25, 2014 by 4:00 p.m.

Produced by the City of Toronto in collaboration with community partners, the inaugural Cultural Hotspot program features a region of Scarborough bordered by Lawrence Avenue, Highland Creek Village, Victoria Park Avenue and the lake. The Cultural Hotspot builds creative capacity through youth engagement, workshops and legacy projects and connects this vibrant inner suburban area with all of Toronto.

Cedar Ridge Creative Centre is a vibrant arts and cultural hub housed in a 1912 mansion and a featured Hotspot location. As part of the Hotspot initiative, Cedar Ridge will have an Artist in Residency Program during the summer months culminating in a September exhibit of the resident’s work in the Cedar Ridge Gallery.

The Gardener’s Cottage, 2014 Residency Site

The competition is open to emerging and mid-career artists creating two-dimensional paintings or drawings. Applicants must be residents of the City of Toronto and must not be enrolled in any arts degree or diploma program. Our priority is to reflect the diversity of the community we serve. Women, young adults 18-30, people with disabilities, Aboriginal/First Nations people, and members of racial minorities are especially encouraged to apply.

The artist will receive:

• The use of a Gardener’s Cottage studio during centre hours

• Exhibition space at the Cedar Ridge Gallery for the month of September (September 6 – October 7) for work already completed (subject to review) in addition to the work being produced onsite for this award

• Promotion of final exhibition through established City of Toronto public relations channels

• $500 in art supplies

• Cedar Ridge’s support should the recipient choose to pursue outside grants for the term of their residency

For further information and eligibility criteria, please visit our website and click Artist in Residence (on Homepage or Gallery page) or contact our office at 416-396-7043.

225 Confederation Drive

Toronto, ON M1G 1B2



A biennial juried exhibition of Canadian fibre art

September 12 – November 2, 2014


Fibreworks, now in its 15th edition, is a biennial juried exhibition of contemporary Canadian fibre art. It is a showcase of the most current and versatile approaches to fibre as a medium in form and production. This exhibition is one of the largest group shows in Canada dedicated specifically to fibre based works and serves as a survey of the artists currently working in the medium. As many as 35 artists participate in the exhibition with works selected by an independent jury. All works selected for the exhibition are eligible for the Juror’s award and may be purchased by Cambridge Galleries IDEA|EXCHANGE as part of its permanent collection dedicated exclusively to Canadian fibre art.

Fibreworks 2014 jurors are Hazel Meyer, Artist (Toronto, ON) and Stuart Reid, Director/Curator, Rodman Hall Art Centre (St. Catherines, ON).


1. Open to all Canadian artists. Limit of 3 entries per artist. Deadline for entry is: Monday, March 31, 2014(postmarked).

2. Eligible works include any artwork where fibre or textile is the principle element. All work must have been completed by the artist within the last two years. The work must be of reasonable size, ready to install and available to ship within Canada.

3. Each entry may be represented by up to 3 images including details. Each image must be numbered and include the name of the artist and title of each artwork. Please submit images on CD, saved as RBG compatible JPEG files — image size: 1024 x 768 pixels, resolution: 300 dpi.

4. Please note that all information must be in digital format, Word or PDF documents are accepted. In addition to JPEG images, your package must include: a brief statement (150 words max.) describing each submitted artwork and a 1 page CV. Submissions will not be returned.

5. Final selections will be made at the discretion of the jurors. All decisions are final. Selected artists will be notified by June 30, 2014.

6. Finalists will receive an honourarium of $100 for each artwork selected. Shipping and insurance of the selected works is covered by Cambridge Galleries IDEA|EXCHANGE.

7. The Jurors’ Award will be announced at the opening reception on Friday, September 12.

Return Entries to:


c/o Cambridge Galleries IDEA|EXCHANGE

1 North Square, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, N1S 2K6


T: 519.621.0460

F: 519.621.2080



Call for Submissions: The Copycat Academy

A Weeklong Master Class With An Absent Master

Date: June 9-15, 2014

Place: The Theatre Centre, Toronto, Canada

Application Deadline: March 31, 2014

A project by Hannah Hurtzig

Commissioned and produced by the Luminato Festival

The Copycat Academy takes the work and biography of an artist as the model for its curriculum. The 2014 pilot will start with one of the most influential artist collectives of the late 20th century, Toronto based General Idea. In each day of this weeklong experience, participants in the Copycat Academy will examine a different facet of our curriculum’s work and thinking. The practical and theoretical investigations, studio visits and discussions will be led by artists, teachers and facilitators connected to the themes and biographies of General Idea.

We have to rethink the way emerging artists are educated and the way we conceive of education. The Copycat Academy uses the multi-arts festival as a leaping off platform, to break up the standardized curriculum and create a lasting impact on some of the most promising artists of the future.

Learn more about the Copycat Academy and application here:

Luminato Festival

June 6-15, 2014

180 Shaw Street, Suite 301

Toronto, ON M6J2W5


Follow us on Twitter:

Like us on Facebook:


Contact Information:

Evan Webber, Associate Producer



– Call For Expressions of Interest –

Artists, Performers, Curators, Cultural Organizations and Community Businesses

The Throbbing Rose Collective and community partners are holding an open call for proposals from artists, art collectives, curators and cultural organizations to participate in NUIT ROSE, a free one-night queer-focused contemporary art and performance festival, to be held on Saturday, June 21st, 2014, as part of WorldPride in Toronto.


NUIT ROSE aims to gather strength in local culture and offer a space for Canadian queer artists and international artists to showcase their work. This new celebration of LGBTI culture will engage local audiences and welcome visitors from around the world.


Toronto is home to vast and incredibly diverse LGBTI communities. We strongly encourage artists and organizations that reflect this diversity to apply. Please let us know if you require assistance or accommodation to ensure that your application is submitted.


The Call For Expressions of Interest: Deadline April 11, 2014

We encourage submissions from diverse artists, performers, curators, cultural organizations and community businesses that would like to activate indoor and outdoor architectural features and public spaces with their artistic projects for NUIT ROSE. Throbbing Rose collective will do its utmost to accommodate as many proposals as possible given the recourses of the festival.

We encourage LGBTI artists working in various mediums including but not limited to: two-dimensional work, sculpture, installation, screen based & new media, performance based arts, multi-media and light-based works.

We are inviting local, national and international artists, artist teams, businesses and cultural organizations to respond to this Expression of Interest (EOI) by submitting the following:

Artists, Artists Teams, Curators

1. One Page Proposal. Please describe your project and include your zone preference, if you have a venue or location available, or three suggested locations where your project could be realized.

2. CV for artists, teams and curators. (in text formats .doc or .pdf)

3. Images of work: images should clearly indicate title of work, location and dimensions. (format .jpg or .pdf) For video submissions, please provide a link where your video can be seen online. (format .mov or .avi)

4. Artist Statement outlining interest in project, relevant experience and general artistic approach (in text formats .doc or .pdf)

Signed Expression of Interest

Cultural Organizations please provide the following:

Dates of your organizations availability in June 2014

The dimensions of space available

State which zone you are in (see below)

Please provide any further assistance you may provide, such as volunteers, technical equipment, indoor or outdoor etc.

All Expressions of Interest – Please provide all components electronically. (Combined file size not exceeding 10MB)

Submissions must be received by 4:00 PM, Friday, April 11, 2014. via email, with “NUIT ROSE Expression of Interest” in the Subject line, to:


NUIT ROSE will celebrate WorldPride 2014 in Toronto through a one-day multi-venue contemporary art event presented in two distinct Toronto neighbourhoods: West Queen West and the Church-Wellesley Village, which collectively have a rich queer-activist, visual art and cultural history.

In 2014, Pride Toronto will be hosting WorldPride, a city-wide international event. Expectations are that World Pride 2014 will see a significant increase in attendance, placing Toronto as the centre of one of largest-ever queer cultural celebrations in the world.

NUIT ROSE is an opportunity for two exceptional communities to come together, showcase the many talented, diverse and queer focused artists whose work is queer-focused. This one night contemporary art event will build upon this collective knowledge by fostering a multi-venue event to celebrate queer identity and the many diverse communities that have shaped the sexual liberation and LGBTI human rights movement.

NUIT ROSE will be a visually stunning and high-profile way to commemorate LGBTI histories and artists while engaging visitors, local neighbourhoods and businesses. Community partners include: including The Gladstone Hotel (NUIT ROSE hub), MOCCA, Artscape Youngplace, CAMH, The Drake Hotel, The Theatre Centre, The 519 Church Street Community Centre, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, City of Toronto, Ontario Arts Council.

Event Locations: Two Zones

CHURCH WELLESLEY VILLAGE; from Irwin Street to Carlton Street. Church-Wellesley Village is one of the most vibrant, colourful and unique neighbourhoods in Canada. It is the traditional site of Toronto’s Pride Week, the city’s largest festival and Canada’s largest LGBTTIQQ2SA event. Pride Toronto records show that approximately one million visitors come to the area during the festival. It is the home of Canada’s largest LGBTI community, and such notable organizations as The 519 Church Street Community Centre, the Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives and Buddies in Bad Times Theatres.

QUEEN STREET WEST: Queen West from MOCCA to the Gladstone Hotel on the street, in venues, public spaces and art galleries. West Queen West is the largest hub for visual art in Canada, and is known to foster new and emerging talent and ideas. Seen as a haven for street art and culture, West Queen West participates in high profile and important cultural events, including the Queen West Art Crawl and Canadian Art magazine’s Art Hop. It is the home of the historic Gladstone Hotel, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Artscape Youngplace, Theatre Centre and many important nationally and internationally recognized art galleries. It is also a gathering point for some of Toronto’s most innovative thinkers and creative art makers.

For More Information:


Twitter: @nuitroseto

Facebook: nuitrosetoronto

The Throbbing Rose Collective is a group of grassroots individuals who want to see the festival come together and is an open community collective. If you would like to join the collective or volunteer at the events, please contact us at the email above.


Annual Call for Submissions


ARTSPACE Peterborough is seeking proposals from visual, performance, and new media artists for its 2015/16 programming season. 

Deadline: June 16, 2014 (postmarked)

ARTSPACE is dedicated to presenting work from contemporary artists working in a variety of disciplines. We strive to present art that reflects and promotes the diversity of cultural and political perspectives that shape contemporary art practices. Submissions from emerging, mid-career and senior artists whose works are alternative, experimental and/or critically engaged are welcome. ARTSPACE receives a high volume of submissions. Before submitting, please look at past exhibitions and projects at to decide if your work fits the gallery mandate.

With multiple spaces available, we invite artists to apply in the following streams:

GALLERY 1: designated for the presentation of solo and group shows. We invite artists, collectives and curators to apply with new or existing exhibition proposals. Proposals for video installations must consider the natural light cast by the front windows.

GALLERY 2: a black-box gallery designated for the presentation of short-term, experimental projects predominantly by local and regional artists, as well as presentation of video installations and single channel works.

NEW MEDIA: we are seeking proposals for media installations. Please note all technical requirements in proposals.

PERFORMANCE: We are seeking proposals for original performance pieces.


All submissions should be made online:

You will be asked to include:

• Proposal (please include technical requirements)

• Artist statement

• Bio

• Current CV

• Documentation of recent work

• Documentation list

Please select documentation mindfully, as committee members have limited time to consider each proposal.

Images should be labelled numerically with the artist’s name (01_name.jpg, 02_name.jpg etc.).

Video documentation should be uploaded to a site such as Youtube or Vimeo and linked in the application. Regardless of duration, please include full videos. Due to time constraints, the selections committee may only view a 5 minute clip. Please note the clip you’d prefer the jury view by including time marks in the documentation list. You may also create a separate clip for committee review.


Do not submit original artwork. ARTSPACE does not return submission packages and will dispose of materials appropriately. 

ARTSPACE does not accept submissions packages via email.

Please allow 3-4 months for consideration.


 Latitude 53

Latitude 53 Society of Artists is a not-for profit artist-run centre. Its purpose is to encourage contemporary artistic endeavors, to foster experimental cultural development, and to stimulate dialogue within the art community. A forum for dialogue about contemporary art practices is provided through exhibitions, criticism and projects.

Latitude 53 is willing to take risks in its programming and is fully prepared to support experimental ideas. Through the presentation of content-oriented art, our programs generate dialogue, political debate, and large-scale public awareness and discussion. Through proactive programming, which combines ongoing selections with a standard submission process that can remain flexible and responsive to current events in our community and elsewhere, we feel we can serve our community by providing more interesting, radical and provoking exhibitions.

Latitude 53 has a non-discriminatory exhibition policy and pays full artist fees in agreement with the CARFAC Schedule for the Main Space. We have a three year plan to continually increase artist fees in our ProjEx Room to achieve payment of full CARFAC schedule fees at that time. We do not normally pay artist fees for our Community Gallery but do contribute assistance and financial support to help facilitate these projects.

Artists and curators are invited to submit individual or group proposals in any media for the upcoming programming year. The projects for this space will be reviewed and selected by a peer jury. Submission deadline is twice a year: April 30 and September 30.

• ProjEX ROOM 
Artists and collectives (emerging to established) are invited to submit proposals of projects in any media. This site is specifically for members, other artists, and cultural producers to exhibit works in progress, ideas that are in the middle stages of development, projects exploring and expanding the parameters of new media, or work that comments on current sociopolitical issues and for artists to receive critical discourse about their work. Projects are programmed on an ongoing basis as to remain flexible and timely.
The ProjEx Room is an initiative of Latitude 53 that showcases the work of artists and cultural producers experimenting with visual culture. This work is often in process and provides the artist opportunities to expand upon their research and development in and generates dialogue between artists and audiences about the work. At this current time, Latitude 53 is unable to provide travel assistance so artist should consider this limitation prior to submitting for a space within the ProJEX Room space.
Submissions for this space will be reviewed and selected by the Executive Director. Submission deadlines: 15 January; 15 May; and 15 September of each year.

Project description

Artist or Curatorial statement

Curriculum Vitae (4 pages maximum)

15 digital images of proposed or recent work
on a Compact Disc (JPEG format, 300 dpi, 6×6 inches, RGB)

Digital Video Disc or Compact Disc for video or audio work

Image List (including title, medium, date and size)

Web address/URL if available

Press kit (4 pages maximum)

Contact information (mailing address, phone number and email)

Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (for return of submission materials)

• We do not accept:

Email submissions

URL’s exclusively as support material

Original artwork

Slides, VHS tapes or audio cassette

PowerPoint format

Fax submissions

Please print out all written material and do not staple. Do not include any other files in your digital image disc except for your images.
Send submissions to:
Programming Committee
Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture
10248-106 Street, Edmonton, AB 
T5J 1H5 

Todd Janes, Executive Director
Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture
10248-106 Street 
Edmonton, AB 
T5J 1H5 

Ace Art Inc. Submission Deadline August 2nd

Regular Programming submissions are solicited through a general annual national call with a deadline of August 1st. The Selection Committee reviews submissions within the context of ’s mandate and goals and makes recommendations to the board within 4 weeks of the deadline. [The Selection Committee is comprised of the Programming Coordinator, 1-2 Board Members, and 2 Community Members.] The program is based on ’s available material or personnel resources. will pay CARCC fees to artists exhibiting through Regular Programming. Travel and accommodation, one-way shipping and per-diems will be provided where funding permits. produces invitations and media release documents, maintains a Critical Distance writing program for response to projects, and documents all projects digitally and in other media as appropriate. Please call (204) 944-9763 or email the gallery if you require other assistance regarding your submission.

Regular Programming specifications: When preparing your proposal, keep in mind that each jury member receives and reviews a digital copy of your written materials before they view your visual support material. It is to your advantage to provide written materials that are easily readable after being photocopied. Submissions that do not follow the below will be edited as such for jury to review (ie. CVs going over 2 pages). We advise for those who do not know our establishment, to get a sense of what we’ve done, visit our web archives.

Digital submissions are strongly encouraged: send 2 PDFs- one containing images and the other containing your written material. Provide links to video/audio or compressed, MAC compatible files. Please test all your digital materials to ensure they are MAC compatible before emailing them to

The majority of ace’s support material guidelines follow those guidelines used for the Canada Council for the Arts “Do’s and Don’ts” (though ace is only Mac-compatible).

• a current CV with current contact info (no more than 2 pages)

• an artist and or curatorial statement (no more than 1 page)

• a project proposal. note: if project is in development, please present support about the development as well as related past work

• an equipment list or itemization of special technical needs if applicable

• image list (no more than 1 page)

• Submissions will not be returned – please do not send original files.

• Support materials: up to 20 images (inc. total of 20 for group submissions) **CD-R images must be as jpgs 72dpi, 1024 x 768 pixel, 500k (.5 MB) RGB or SRGB only. NO POWER POINT PLEASE!


• video must be NTSC compatible or DVD max 5 minutes long and cued up

• CD-R video must be accessed only with one of the following plug-ins: Quicktime, RealPlayer. *audio only in CD format

• NO binders, folders or staples. (Paper clips only please)

• no more then 2 printed matter (may include essays, reviews, non-original documents of artworks that cannot otherwise be described in slide or video format. NO BOOKS PLEASE)

• NO laser-copied images, thumbnails, or original artwork.

WE ASK YOU DO NOT SEND registered mail which requires a signature
Submission deadline: postmarked no later AUGUST 2nd of every year, before 5pm. Entries must be received within 2 weeks of the deadline, even if postmarked correctly.