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Island Times




On Monday we went to Toronto Island to visit our Xpace summer residents at Artscape Gibraltar Point. We met up with artists in residence Danica Drago, and Hudson Christie  and writer in residence Jonathan Lockyer in their studio space. The two week long residency on the island started on August 1st. The trio will be on the island for a couple more days, working until August 14th. Their work will be displayed this fall in both the Window Space (Hudson) and the Project Space (Danica) here at Xpace opening on Sept 12 with Jonathan writing essays for each exhibition.

The Gibraltar Point studio is bright, spacious, and just a little bit creepy. The studio was once the Kindergarten classroom during the former life of the Artscape building. The room comes fully equipped with a miniature bathroom for tiny children. Jon’s live/workspace is no wider than six feet with a cozy, elevated desk space and window where he can stow away to write about the artists, their work and the residency experience. Weird schoolroom vibes aside, the space is open and inviting to creativity and production. We were impressed with the work being produced by the artists and are really looking forward to seeing their final pieces and reading the writing provided by Jonathan.

IMG_4740                  IMG_4742