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Project Space

ondan-bundan: inquiring on culture from this and thats  Aydan Hasanova

Hacia Arriba / Upwards Anahí González

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear Jill Smith

What Has Hardened Will Never Win Evgenia Mikhaylova and Sasha Shevchenko

The Pleasure of Patterns Carson Van Vliet

In Amber Kyle Mowat and Lina Wu

Double-Edged Ramolen Laruan and Sepideh Dashti

Not Only Over Seas, But Soil Shannon Lewis

Familiar Ghosts – Archiving Genetic Domesticity Marli Davis

Fugitive Wanderer Kaya Joan

Black & Reflective Leone McComas

mâsikîskâpoy Megan Feheley

Yǝ́dı́ı Kwǝ Laura Grier

Hands that gather and forget Ana Luisa Bernárdez Notz & Sebastián Rodríguez y Vasti

Exercise Nerve (Men I Face or Many Faces) Aaron Jones

* Screams Internally * (for Attention) Samirra Sada

Tracing the Guts of a Ghost HollyJo

Place of Be(longing) Taymah Armatrading

How to Fix a Broken Home Sangmin Lee

Container for a precarious record Zahra Komeylian

Wicked Game Emily G Harrison

Sanctuaries Eve Tagny,

Fortune Flavors The Bold Arezu Salamzadeh

Preserving the Past Allana Cooper

Maw6ini Samar Hejazi

Cloud Hands Jessica Jang

Festival days are Mythical; all other days are Historical Marina Fathalla & Sandy Saad

it is what it is Laurence Philomene & Starchild Stela,

A Whole New World Jamiyla Lowe

Queeries into History: The Love of Loring and Wyle Emily Norry

How to Relax Jennifer Laiwint

Freedom Tube: Lost in X Space jes sachse

Mapping Time: Harmonic Studies for Vera Rubin Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh

To Whom it May Concern Kendra Yee and Tova Benjamin

Bodies of Water Calder Harben

The Side Profile Series Shantel Miller

Out of place Dana Prieto

Loiter Sebastián Benítez

Cloth Dripping Mary Grisey

Being Digital Katherine Ross

A Chemical Love Story Arma Yari

-nuhsawʌhtat- to add on a room, to extend a house Rowan Red Sky

Tradition Danièle Dennis

Body’s in Trouble Vida Beyer


We Dream in Terrain Dan Frawley

Where my ass has been Dylin North

SAS, The Artists in Her Studio (After Jane Eyre) SAS

In Between Things Jason Deary and Sean Stewart

A Ceramic Site-Intervention Danica Drago

A Room Dreaming of a Lake

Myriad (No. 1)

Bad Luck Amazon Giftcard

Mancave: Great Failures Of Sports Culture

An Expedition Sam Cotter and Fraser McCallum

Roomies Jenine Marsh

Pleasure of A Lazy Laity Lili Huston-Herterich

Stories Roger Galvez

Yellow Pages Catacomb Tobias Williams