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* Screams Internally * (for Attention)

Samirra Sada

January 17, 2020 - February 15, 2020

Essay by court gee

Opening Reception: Friday, January 17, 7-10 pm

January 17 – February 15, 2020

Opening Reception: Friday, January 17, 7-10 pm

Samirra Sada

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I can create a fantasy, but it will last only briefly.

A moment of glamour but we deserve so much longer.

And I can take these objects, disperate on their own, but together they see you and they are me.

And isn’t it amazing how all these layers of fake can reveal your truest desires.

I’m not entirely sure that if I knew what I wanted I’d be able to ask for it.

But one thing I know for certain, if there is any justice in this world before I die I will get to let out at least one blood curdling scream from the top of a hill.

* Screams Internally * (for Attention) collages seemingly absurd objects within an immersive installation that encompasses craft materials, found items and fabricated objects by Samirra Sada. Maximalist and attention-grabbing, Sada’s work treads the line between optimism and pessimism, inciting laughter alongside making you wonder what exactly you are laughing at.

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