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Photorama 2011

XPACE’s next-door neighbour, Gallery TPW, is hosting their annual Photorama fundraising event. Celebrating their 25th anniversary, this year’s event will host a range of works by both established and emerging artists. Sales from the fundraiser will go directly into the gallery’s operations and programming, as well as supporting local artists and culture in Toronto. For

Relief Needed

Xenia Benivolski is heading a relief strategy in response to the STATE OF EMERGENCY at Ontario reserve of Attawapiskat. XPACE will host a collections assembly of donations to be sent to residents in need on the reserve. Air Creebec and True North Aid have donated transport to the site. More information regarding this can be found

"Ineffable Plasticity" @ MOCCA, part II

Here is our second look at some of the artists featured in MOCCA’s current exhibition, “Ineffable Plasticity,” with a focus on Toronto artist, Susy Oliveira. MOCCA’s most recent exhibition, “Ineffable Plasticity” examines the role of nature in our lives and takes the stance that “all human attributes and activity are an expression of nature…an unstoppable

Opening at LE Gallery Tonight

Thys Scyence Maie Not be Taught to Every One is showing at LE Gallery. Pop in tonight for their Opening Reception from 7pm to 10pm. “Often explored as the romantic birth of contemporary scientific process, representations of alchemy, and the related practice, are evident throughout art history. The prevalence of alchemy during the Renaissance period

Ineffable Plasticity @ MOCCA

Some of the XPACE crew went around the corner last week to check out The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art’s most recent exhibition, “Ineffable Plasticity.” Here is the first in a short series of posts about some of the work in the show! Jordan Laura James Maclachlan, Unexpected Subway Living (2010-2011) Toronto-based artist Jordan Laura James Maclachlan