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Elise Victoria Windsor

Congratulations to Elise, whose booth at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition won both the Best Student in Photography Award and the Best Student Award. Nice! Check out her website, and look for future posts from Elise, who is currently at the Spark Contemporary Residency in Syracuse, New York, along with artists Jillian Ross and Liam

Life of a Craphead

Phase 1 of WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND is coming to a close. Join the cast, crew, Crapheads and upcoming artists participating in What Goes Around Comes Around for a FREE reception:Saturday July 9th, 2011. from 7pm. Check out these shots from the set of Life of a Craphead‘s movie production: bugs.  


Now that we’re past the half-way point of our stay, we’re really starting to focus on our upcoming show. Elise was a trooper this morning and woke up at 630am to be out and about with her camera and I put the finishing touches on a new sculpture (after sleeping in). Unfortunately Jillian left for

Curated Library @ XPACE

As part of What Goes Around Comes Around, XPACE is hosting a specially curated library, a reference for any related thoughts, theory and writing surrounding themes within the overall project.XPACE is proud to have guest curator cheyanne turions. Activity, Eds. Pedro Barateiro and Ricardo Valentim with Christoph Keller (Issue #7), “Being-With,” Eds. Elke Bippus,

Life of a Craphead\\\bugs/////set photos

lately I’ve been wondering if you feel it too

Melissa Fisher presents an ongoing window installation at XPACE, running the duration of What Goes Around Comes Around : photo: Jesse Ewles Naturally drawn to irregular exhibition spaces that expose art to a wide array of people, What Goes Around Comes Around serves as an excellent platform for the artist herself to be exposed to other