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Thursday, April 9th, 2015



group exhibition, painting, sculpture, installation

7 April to 2 May 2015
Reception; Thursday 9 April, 2015, 4pm-7pm

Ibrahim Abusitta
Napoleon Brousseau
François A. Côté
Stevie Ellis
Qendrim Hoti
Wensi Li
Silvia Mei
Parminder Singh
Shannon Scanlan
Garnet Willis w/ Max Streicher
Szonja Vucsetics

4PM – 7PM
Robert Kananaj Gallery
172 St Helens Avenue, Toronto,
Ontario M6H 4A1

Augustina Saygnavong, where the calor fades

EXHIBITION:: April 9-18, 2015
As part of OCAD University’s Sculpture & Installation Thesis exhibition series, ESP is pleased to present Augustina Saygnavong and where the calor fades.

wishing I was blind not idle
for where the calor fades
it feels like home
but fading’s not failing
Now, there’s a place to flounder

We fall from strength, suffocate, pale, flounder and act as anyone would might when travelling motionless through a fog. But let’s be marginal and middle of the road and see what gets activated in the color field.


Augustina Saygnavong narrates environments with light and the lives of light fixtures themselves. Trained in cinematography, her work stages sensory scenes provoking awareness in perception and seeing emotion. This can manifest through sculpture, installation, photography, film. Her work has recently been shown in in Mystery Machine at Xpace Gallery (Toronto) and Lightweight at EMP Collective (Baltimore).

Artist and curator, she was part of a trio of curators working on 2013’s Kitchen Party exhibitions. This summer, she’ll be working on mounting Karl Projects, an independent loft gallery, and spearheading a new art publication called CART Magazine. Augustina is currently based out of Toronto and is graduating with a BFA from OCAD University (2015).


6PM – 9PM
1450 Dundas Street West, Toronto
ON, M6J 1Y6

Katie Bethune-Leamen: YOU WIN! (february)

A project for the 8-11 space, birthed in the ichor of February, which explains its reactionary vim. The way that February can feel in our latitude. You know.

Also suddenly remembering being in Ilulissat, Greenland in 2011 to document the icebergs that drift down past Canada’s east coast. A house in town with what gives the immediate, overwhelming impression of being the best, the most impressive, the winning display of all time—two walrus skulls placed in the living room window, facing each other, tusks crossed.

Also a piece I’ve wanted to make for years that seems right for this long, white hallway-like space with a big window for the dumb happy neon to shine out of. A piece hung at my height so I can stick my head in it.

And then lots of other things that are in conversation with each other and all of this stuff. A conversation about objects and their borders and definitions. One that wonders about things with less borders. Things that top things. Shiny things. Very hard not to always have shiny things. So: shiny things. Shiny as an important shorthand for other things.


Katie Bethune-Leamen works in sculpture, installation, and video, thinking about the nature of objects, our relationships with them, and our relationships with each
other as mediated through objects. She is interested in the inchoate and the abstract—amorphous things subsisting in an in-between state—as location for engagement and possibility for meaning. Recent exhibitions include Hologram Tupac. Other Things. ALL-ONE! (OpenStudio), the commissioned project Blobs for Lawren Harris’s Glaciers, Icebergs, and Unknown Things (AGO) and the
group exhibitions Northern Exposure (Art Gallery of Nova Scotia) and More Than Two (The Power Plant) with upcoming solo exhibitions at Modern Fuel (Kingston,
ON) and Eastern Edge (NL). Recent residencies include Fogo Island Arts, and SIM (Reykjavik, IS). She is a 2015 recipient of an OAC Chalmers Fellowship Grant to research sculptural abstraction through travel in Japan, Germany, Italy & the USA.

233 Spadina Ave,
Toronto, ON

The 4 Poets Issue #2 Release


The 4 Poets Issue #2 book release at Likely General April 9th!

The 4 Poets is a biannual poetry magazine. Every issue presents four writers, each with ~20 pages of writing. Issue #2 will feature writing by:

Andi Clifford
Sebastian Frye
Jordaan Mason
Bill Bissett

The night will feature an art installation by Andi Clifford, a musical performance by Jordaan Mason and a reading by Bill Bissett. We will also have drinks and DJ Mountain Mama (Lightdark Hill) providing all the chill vibes.


PS: This event is sponsored by Steamwhisle so we’ll have beer for everyone!

7PM – 10PM
Likely General
389 Roncesvalles Ave., Toronto,
Ontario M6R 2N1

Ian Carr-Harris: April 9 – May 16, 2015

Carr-Harris’ A Boy’s Paper Crown, Ottawa, 1947, includes two reproductions of a paper crown worn by the artist as a young child. One, of an appropriate size, rests on a side table; the other, much larger, sits on the floor. On an adjacent wall the image of a woman’s face is caressed by a moving beam of light. Originally conceived for documenta8 in 1987, for this exhibition its mechanical infrastructure has been redesigned and its colour stripped bare. Of this work and its long process of development the artist wonders, “Who has not nursed in their memory something that endures, a thing that has unconsciously guided us in our actions and our judgments?” Author Jonah Lehrer writes that memory cannot be separated from its moment of recollection. The more we engage in the act of remembering the more the ‘original’ fades. Therefore, like a memory, across decades this work continues to shift shape.
Upstairs, Carr-Harris presents Combray, the third work in his ongoing investigation into pop-up books—which again, like a memory—fold back onto themselves to become palpable only when opened. Here, alongside Proust we stand witness as he tries to apprehend the paradise lost of his childhood through the famous petite madeleine. Presented as a silver locket dwelling in the body of the book, it continues to hold the key. However, instead of summoning involuntary memories long forgotten, the magic of this thing discloses a conversation about the complex subject/object relations central to the artists’ oeuvre.

7PM – 9PM
Susan Hobbs Gallery
137 Tecumseth Street, Toronto,
Ontario M6J 2H2

Friday, April 10th, 2015

Building Fictions

“Building Fictions” brings together the works of John Player, Adela Leibowitz and Michael Antkowiak. Each artist approaches painting as a process to reconfigure pre-existing cultural narratives. Referencing disparate source imagery, including documentary and surveillance photography, representations of mythological gods, or webcam video stills, these artists reposition the original subjects into new spaces, and in the process conflate fact with fiction.

6PM – PM
LE Gallery
1183 Dundas St W, Toronto,
Ontario M6J1X3


A Group Show in Memory of Jeannie Thib

In memory of Jeannie Thib, Embellish features work by Thib and eight additional artists who utilize pattern and graphic motif, which were the foundation of Thib’s aesthetic and conceptual practice. Jeannie Thib was a talented artist and cherished member of the Open Studio community, who passed away in 2013. She approached ornament as both strategy and process, not merely as superfluous detail, but rather as an end in itself. Artists include: Barbara Balfour, Claudia Bernal, Doug Guildford, Denise Hawrysio, Marlene MacCallum, Monique Martin, Liz Parkinson, Jeannie Thib and Meichen Waxer

630PM – 830PM
Open Studio
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 104, Toronto,
Ontario M5V 3A8

Spring Programming Opening Reception

Please join us for our upcoming Spring round of exhibitions. There will be snacks, drinks and the artists will be in attendance.


Window Space
April 10 – May 8
The Marbled Plane
Original Sports Angel (Inez Genereux and Cale Weir)

The Marbled Plane spans an infinite landscape of esteemed opulence and artificial beauty. Marble imagery has become a popular reoccurring theme in Internet art aesthetics. Classical aesthetics have developed new meaning by being placed in a totally artificial context and shifting their contingency from being reserved for only the elite, to hugely accessible across the Internet. A marble bust is destroyed in order to make space for the New Aesthete, and its material is recycled to create a literal aesthetic simulacra.



Main Space
April 10 – May 2
Spectres of the Future
Curated by Shauna Jean Doherty
Victoria Delle Donne, James Rollo, Franco Arcieri, and Sook Jung

Spectres of the Future is a group exhibition of student works that combines analogue and digital artworks to reflect on the meaning of presence in a society saturated by technologies of representation. The physical presence of the viewer is made necessary in this exhibition to animate the works themselves, engaging in a discussion of immaterial/material and presence/absence across communication networks, magnetic fields, and digital worlds. Holograms, theremins, and, interactive projections, foreground the complexity of the physical body in a technical world, where intimate exchange is complicated by immaterial distance. Together the artists each interrogate this physical world with their ghostly imagery in order to access a more metaphysical one.

Presented in partnership with the Images Festival –


Project Space
April 10 – May 2
William Andrew Finlay Stewart

In a movie theatre, the credits are a phenomenon that some choose to participate in and some choose to reject. This reaction is common to more solemn lists, such as war memorials and the names of those lost to catastrophes. They overwhelm and are difficult to process. Some of the audience stay and observe, some leave. The staff sweep up popcorn and collect garbage. Memorial by William Andrew Finlay Stewart is a meditation on remembrance, loss, and the cinema.

Original score by Jon Lawless


External Space
March 3 – May 11
The Emotional Problems of Living
Tobias Williams

The Emotional Problems of Living is a looping 3d computer animation. The animation shows a scene of a sculptural object illuminated by a commodore 64 monitor cycling through the RGB (red green blue) colour spectrum. On the left hand side stand three origami unicorns, the scene is framed on either side by white geometric shapes. This animation is part of a body of work produced for the 2014 Round Table Residency which explores the relationship between physical and digital objects.

7PM – 10PM
XPACE Cultural Centre
303 Lansdowne Avenue Unit 2, Main Floor., Toronto, Ontario

Spice World Film Screening and Junk Food Extravaganza

People of the World !! Now 4 opportunities to see Spice World.
Dress in 90’s glam or your favourite SPICE GIRL, AND BRING your JUNK FOOD. YES We are screening the guilty pleasure cult classic SPICEWORLD at VIDEOFAG

Glamour, girl power and feminism in one film, like, y’know, duh! In their first feature length film Scary, Sporty, Baby, Ginger and Posh are here to save the world, for every boy and every girl. SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!
There are now 4 chances to catch the Spice World Experience. Friday at 6:00 (doors open at 5:30). Then are original scheduled show at 8 (doors at 7:40) – this screening is closed captioned. Then our Saturday screenings are at 7 and 9 doors open about 30 minutes before.
Tickets are by donation at the door (suggested $5, no one turned away due to lack of funds). As always we are having a junk food potluck so please bring a SPICY or SWEET treat to share. SPICY (hot! hot! hot!) Hot Doritos, wasabi peas, ect. Or SWEET (sugar! Yum Yum) candy corn, chocolate, caramel popcorn and ginger cookies!

Sing Along to “Spice Up Your Life” for the epic finale, Sheet music will be given out, GLAM

We will be playing Spice Girls hits before and after the show. This screening is hosted by Marjan”Baby Spice” Verstappen and Humboldt “Ginger Spice” Magnussen

Come early, space fills up quickly :).
Unfortunately this space is not accessible.

187 Augusta Avenue, Toronto,
Ontario M5T 2L4

The Influence of Anxiety (recent works by Toronto artists)

Curators: Robert Lee, Paulette Phillips

“As we move about within our mental and historical framework, we take along all the positions we’ve already occupied, and all those we will occupy. We are everywhere at one and the same time; we are a crowd surging forward abreast, and constantly recapitulating the whole series of previous stages. For we live in several worlds, each truer than the one it encloses, and itself false in relation to the one which encompasses it. The truth lies in a progressive dilating of meaning, in reverse order up to the point at which it explodes.”

—Claude Levi-Strauss, Tristes Tropiques

A Knight’s Walk (and other speculative events)
Clint Enns
(2014, 12 min, PXL2000, VHS, Flipcam, Computer Animation on Digital Video, Canada)

Consider the speculative space between point and pixel. A knight traverses the chessboard as a bored radical traverses a Winnipeg supermarket.

All That Is Solid
Eva Kolcze
(2014, 16 min, Super 16mm on Digital Video, Canada)

Investigating Brutalist architecture through the surface of black and white celluloid, All That is Solid features Robarts Library, the University of Toronto Scarborough campus and the York University campus. By exposing degrading footage of the buildings created by a number of chemical and physical processes, the film contemplates the utopian visions that inspired the Brutalist movement and the material and aesthetic connection between concrete and celluloid.

Under the Ashes
Dona Arbabzadeh
(2015, 9 min, Digital Video, Canada)

Under the Ashes is a docu-montage work styled to capture and explore the everyday life beneath a frozen moment in Iran’s cultural, social and political state. From the perspective of a young immigrant, the work follows Arbabzadeh back to her childhood home, bringing to light half of her hybrid identity as an Iranian Canadian.

The Innocents
Jean-Paul Kelly
(2014, 13 min, 16mm on Digital Video, Canada)

The Innocents features a series of images from a personal archive, an interview with Truman Capote’s desire, and shapes that correspond to the former through the instructions of the latter. Including a shot-by-shot re-enactment of the Maysles Brothers’ 1966 documentary With Love from Truman, The Innocents is a formal and conceptual play with and to the figure of Capote.

The Fortune Teller
Annie MacDonell
(2015, 16 min, 16mm and Digital Video on Digital Video, Canada)

Tracking the repair and restoration of a cast resin hand from a coin operated fortune teller machine, the hand-object becomes a model for a non-linear, non-progressive relationship to time. The process of its restoration moves it backwards through history towards its point of origin, but also returns it to functionality. Backward and forward happen simultaneously and the proliferating hands become portals through which past, present and future merge.

Red Capriccio
Blake Williams
(2014, 7 min, 3D Digital Video, Canada)

Red Capriccio is an anaglyph 3D found footage film about machines and landscape that interlaces motion with stasis, crescendos with glissandos, and reds with blues. Its three movements depict a parked Chevy Caprice police vehicle, Montréal’s Turcot Interchange, and an empty rave room.

Co-presented by Community Partners CFMDC, Vtape, and OCADU

Jackman Hall Theatre, AGO
Toronto, Ontario M5T

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Workshop with Corinna Schnitt

This workshop is an intensive artist talk providing an in-depth look at the full body of work produced by Schnitt over the past decade. Her work in video shows well-ordered, often middle class lifestyles that take on an increasingly absurd or even uncanny quality as the plot of the work unfolds. The protagonists always seem somewhat out of place in their surroundings and are carefully revealed to us in their insecurity. Schnitt’s visual language alternates between documentary observation and subtle staging.

>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<< Corinna Schnitt is a German video artist that lives and works in Braunschweig. Schnitt received a diploma in apprenticeship as a carver in 1989 and completed her studies at the Hochshule für Gestaltung (Academy for Visual Communication) in Offenbach. In 1995, she received her masters at the Kunstakademie (Art Academy) in Düsseldorf.In 2002, she received the Media Art Award of Wiesbaden and has completed numerous artist residencies which include; Villa Aurora (USA), The Chinati Foundation (USA), Olevano Romano (Italy), Oldenburg (Germany), Hamminkeln (Germany) and Stuttgart (Germany).Schnitt also had solo exhibitions at: Fluctuating Images, Stuttgart (2005); Galerie Olaf Stüber, Berlin (2008); the RISD Museum, University of Rhode Island (2011); Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen (2012); and most recently: Krems, Austria in 2013.Schnitt has shown work in group exhibitions and screenings since 2001 which include: Internationale Kurzfilmtage, Winterthur (2001); Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw (2002); Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin (2003); European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück (2004); Robert Miller Gallery, New York (2005); International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Praha (2005); International Moscow Film Festival, Moscow (2006); MOCCA, Toronto (2007); Sweeny Art Gallery, Riverside (2009); Tentsa Konsthall, Spagna (2011); Museum Ludwig, Cologne (2012); Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig (2013).Since 2009, she has been teaching as the Professor for Film/Video Art with specific attention to documentary approaches at the University of Art Braunschweig.
11AM- 1PM
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 452,
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8

EBB & FLOW: A Surf Photography Exhibit by Lucas Murnaghan

Tides come and go. Ice shelfs advance and recede.

As the days grow longer, the ice retreats to once again open our opportunities to surf. As the heat grows stronger, we dust off our boards and hang our winter gear. The cyclic tide of the north is the ebb of winter, and the flow of summer.

Ebb and Flow is a photographic representation of the surfing culture here in the great lakes and around the world. The juxtaposition of these experiences and locations reminds us that it is the people, energy, and stoke that unites us. Surfing is about where you go to find it and where it takes you as a person.

This collection of surf photography will convey the first-person perspective of being out in the water. The unfamiliar will be transported to a place they have never seen, and the familiar to a place that they love.

Drop in to check out Lucas Murnaghan’s work and Surf the Greats threads from 11AM to 11PM.

Opening reception from 7PM onwards with groovy beats, good vibes and tasty drinks.

Can’t make it? Preview the collection and shop online at

Milk Glass
1247 Dundas Street West., Toronto,
Ontario M6J 1X6

What is a Residency Anyway? Discussion and Info Session

What exactly is a residency and what is the benefit of participating in one? What is there to gain? How does it work financially?

As an artist, designer, writer, curator and/or creative person residencies provide great opportunities to take you out of your normal day to day routine as they provide space – both mentally and physically – to focus on your practice and creative work. Residencies can take many forms, vary in duration, and differ in terms of eligibility, medium specificity, expected outcome and their financial structures.

Xpace will be hosting a discussion and information session to discuss our Summer Residency Program, hosted annually at Artscape Gibraltar Point on the Toronto Island, as well as holding a more broad conversation about residencies as we will discuss how, where, when and why to apply.

Information about Xpace’s Residency Program can be found at:

This workshop will be taught based on our experiences (Emily Gove, Director, and Brette Gabel and Adrienne Crossman, Programming Coordinators) as artists, curators and residency facilitators, as well as our respective positions at Xpace Cultural Centre.

Guest speakers are Paul Henderson and Felix Kalmenson!

The workshop is free and open to anyone, but please RSVP to to reserve your spot.

1PM – 4PM
XPACE Cultural Centre
303 Lansdowne Avenue Unit 2, Main Floor.,
Toronto, Ontario

The Whole Point is to Learn Something: An exhibition in celebration of Micah Lexier’s Governor General’s Award 2015

Please join us for a gallery reception on Saturday 11 April, 2-5pm and raise a glass to Micah’s award.

Exhibition runs 8 April – 25 April 2015

The Governor General’s Award recognizes and celebrates artists that have made a sizable impact on the Canadian art scene, marking Lexier as one of Canada’s top contemporary artists, whose contributions include numerous solo exhibitions, group shows and large-scale public commissions.

‘The Whole Point is to Learn Something’, reflexively titled after one of Lexier’s laser-cut wall sculptures, brings together highlights from a number of bodies of work made throughout the last twenty years. Lexier has carved a niche as an artist who manipulates signs, symbols, numbers and language, resulting in works that are conceptually loaded but visually playful.

Series of works represented in the exhibition include A Minute of My Time, Revelations, Lives & Works, Notes To Self, This is an Arrow, and Sculptures of Drawings from Photographs of Objects.

Lexier’s conceptual works have subtly infiltrated Toronto with public commissions for Metro Hall, the TTC (Leslie Subway Station), the CNE (Direct Energy Centre) and the Air Canada Centre, as well as many corporate and private commissions.

In addition to this celebratory exhibition at Birch Contemporary, The National Gallery of Canada will be exhibiting their recently acquired Micah Lexier video work This One, That One (National Gallery of Canada Edit) as part of their Governor General’s Awards exhibition from 9 April – 30 August, 2015.

2PM – 5PM
Birch Contemporary
129 Tecumseth St, Toronto,
Ontario M6J 262

Sunday Scene – Jessica Karuhanga

Jessica Karuhanga is a Toronto-based artist whose multi-layered practice includes drawing, performance and video. Her work has been presented nationally at the Royal BC Museum, OCAD U Student Gallery, Art Mûr, Xpace Cultural Centre, Electric Eclectics, Nia Centre for the Arts, and The Drake Hotel.

The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery
231 Queens Quay West, Toronto,
Ontario M5J 2G8

C Magazine Contemporary Art Auction

The first fifty ticket purchasers will receive the C Auction Edition, a specially created artwork by Jimmy Limit.

C The Visual Arts Foundation is pleased to announce the eleventh C Magazine Contemporary Art Auction, a fundraiser featuring works generously donated by more than 50 Canadian and international artists. The live auction takes place on Sunday April 12th at Division Gallery, Toronto, with auctioneer services provided by Perry Tung, courtesy of Bonhams Canada. This event is presented by TD Bank Group at Division Gallery. Funds raised by the auction support C Magazine and its programming for the coming year, and participating artists will receive a portion of the sales.

With artworks by Lois Andison, Katie Bethune-Leamen, Philippe Blanchard, Diane Borsato, Kotama Bouabane, Adam David Brown, Bill Burns, Sarah Burwash, Sarah Cale, Maryanne Casasanta, Dana Claxton, Sam Cotter, Chris Curreri, Sara Cwynar, Jason de Haan, Jason Deary, Dave Dyment, Brendan Fernandes, James Gardner, Sky Glabush, David Hanes, Iris Häussler, Jérôme Havre, Colleen Heslin, Dil Hildebrand, Marla Hlady, Aryen Hoekstra, Hanna Hur, Lili Huston-Herterich, Geoffrey James, Laurie Kang, Alex Kisilevich, Karen Kraven, Tiziana La Melia, Kristiina Lahde, Duane Linklater, Alex McLeod, Meryl McMaster, Colin Miner, Juan Oritz-Apuy, Luke Painter, Ed Pien, Geoffrey Pugen, Jillian Kay Ross, Jade Rude, Callum Schuster, Derek Sullivan, Michael Vickers, VSVSVS, Sean Weisgerber and Balint Zsako.

A charitable donation receipt will be issued to the purchaser for bids in excess of the estimated value.

This year’s specially created C Auction Edition by Jimmy Limit is one of four different cups cast in porcelain from commercial bottle forms found at local convenience stores in the Niagara region. Limit will concoct a special cocktail to be served in the cups at the auction.

6PM – 10PM
Division Gallery, 45 Ernest Ave, Toronto,
ON M6P 3X6, Canada


Deadline: April 15th, 2015 (midnight)

60 McCaul, also known as the Brink’s building, has been sold. The looming eviction and demolition set for the near future is sad for students, alumni and faculty alike; We are intending on using every crevice of the space for an exhibition that will last 3 weeks in May and another exhibition in November, 2015. We are accepting submissions in any artistic discipline as long as you have an association with OCAD U (previous students, alumni, faculty and current students).

If you are interested in applying you must:

1. Email us a 250-500 word proposal and if you are interested in a specific space in the Brinks building specify. Also include any specific equipment that we need to provide. projectors, speakers, etc.

2. 3 – 5 images, video or a sketch of intended or of previous work.

3. email us before April 15, 2015 at with proposals or any questions you may have.

Additional Information: LINK HERE

Call for Submissions: Under $200 show and fundraiser
Deadline: April 25th, 2015

Girls’ Art League is seeking submissions for an upcoming art show and fundraiser we are hosting at the Fountain. We are looking for pieces valued Under $200 – beyond that; subject, medium, scale is completely open.

To submit please email an image of your piece, title, dimensions, medium and price to

The deadline for submissions is April 25th.
The show will up for the month of May, with an opening on Thursday, May 6th.

Should you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us.

Any help spreading the word would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks very much!

Girls’ Art League (GAL) is a Toronto-based art centre with the mission of empowering girls and women through the visual arts. Girls of all artistic abilities, socio-economic backgrounds, and lived experiences should have the opportunity to develop and exercise their artistic voice. We believe that this artistic voice and an empowered creative practice is cultivated when we connect, share, and learn from each other.

We provide the knowledge and resources for girls and women (GALs) to develop their artistic practice, express themselves visually, and build artistic confidence – all within a safe and supportive environment. Our team of artists and educators teach a variety of 2D, 3D, and time-based mediums, and present direct connections to successful female artists working today. GAL offers these teachings through regular 8-week courses, free community workshops, artist talks, self-directed learning programs, and mentorship programs. We are dedicated to building a vital community of girls and women interested in the arts in Toronto.

Additional Information: LINK HERE

Deadline: Aprile 19th, 2015

Exhibition Initiative invites you to submit artworks for this year’s spring exhibition, Postinternet is Dead!

We invite artists working in any medium to explore “art after the internet.”
“[Postinternet is] when the internet is less of a novelty and more of a banality”
– Gene McHugh

“The notion of the post internet encapsulates and transports network conditions and their critical awareness as such even so far as to transcend the internet”
– Marisa Olson

“Postinternet is a result of the contemporary moment: Inherently informed by ubiquitous authorship, the development of attention as currency, the collapse of physical space in networked culture, and the infinite reproducibility and mutability of digital materials.”
– Artie Vierkant

“Postinternet art does to art what porn does to sex.”
– Brian Droitcour


***Please email your submissions to in the form of a jpg, pdf, video file, link, or written proposal if working in performance or installation.***

Deadline: April 19

Due to the volume of submissions, please do not expect a response until after the submission deadline!

Additional Information: LINK HERE

Camp Wavelength: Call For Submissions
Deadline: April 16th, 2015


August 28-30, 2015
Artscape Gibraltar Point
Toronto Island

Closing Date: April 16, 2015


CAMP WAVELENGTH is a new, intimate, boutique festival launching on Toronto Island the final weekend of August, 2015. Presented by Wavelength Music, Toronto’s non-profit, DIY community hub, CAMP WAVELENGTH is seeking the best independent music and the arts from Canada and the world.

The curatorial theme of the inaugural edition of CAMP WAVELENGTH is “Another World.” Audiences are invited to camp out with Wavelength and escape the city for one last summer hurrah – to become an Islander for a weekend and immerse themselves in the distinct culture of the Island, the other world on Toronto’s doorstep.

Artists are encouraged to respond to this theme of transport, immersion and discovery in whatever ways they can imagine.

We are seeking submissions from artists in the following disciplines:

To submit your proposal, please send the following via EMAIL to Please include the words “CAMP WAVELENGTH SUBMISSION” and the project title in the subject line.

– Name of Project
– Chosen Discipline(s)
– Where You’re Based
– Short Description (max 500 words)
– Links to online audio or video (max 5)
– Links to press coverage (max 5)
– Links of social media accounts

Please do NOT send attachments or EPKs. And please do not send submissions via social media!!

Preference will be given to special collaborations of an imaginative, interdisciplinary nature.

All submissions will be listened to, evaluated, and responded to, but due to limited space, not all submissions will be accepted. All programming decisions are final. Notifications of results will be sent out no later than May 12.

All accepted artists will be paid an artist fee and receive passes to the festival.

Additional Information: LINK HERE

Summer Residency
Deadline: April 17th, 2015

Xpace Cultural Centre is seeking applications for the opportunity to participate in a two-week residency on Toronto Island. The residency is open to undergraduate and graduate students graduating in Spring 2015 from OCAD University.
Artscape Gibraltar Point is located on Toronto Island. Two Artists/Designers and one Writer/Curator will be selected to live and work on the Island from July 31st to August 14th.
The residency provides graduating students dedicated time to make new work which will then be exhibited at Xpace during September 2015.
The selected Writer/Curator will write exhibition essays for each of the selected artists. The essays will be made available during the September exhibitions and included in Xpace’s annual publication, VOLUME.
Studio space and lodging will be covered by Xpace, and participants will be provided an honorarium/materials budget.
The deadline for applications is Friday, April 17, 2015.
If you are interested in applying as an Artist or Designer provide:
1. An artist statement (250-500 words): The statement should give a description of your overall practice as it relates to the project you plan to undertake during the residency.
2. Curriculum Vitae (Max 3 pages): Your CV should include education and exhibition history, as well as any relevant experience, reviews, etc.
3. Visual Support Material with accompanying Support Material List (5-10 images/other files): Maintain consistent labeling of your image files (Ex. JSmith_FlowerPainting.jpg). Send jpeg, mov and/or mp3/mp4 files only. We do not accept Powerpoint or PDF files for image submissions. Video and audio files should be a maximum of 3-5 minutes in total. Make sure that all files are Mac compatible.
If you are interested in applying as Writer/Curator please provide:
1. A research statement (250-500 words): The statement should give a description of your overall practice as it relates to the research you plan to undertake during the residency.
2. Curriculum Vitae (Max 3 pages): Your CV should include education and exhibition history, as well as any relevant experience, reviews, etc.
3. Up to 3 samples of past publications or writing: all samples included should have been completed over the 2014-2015 year. Please provide samples in pdf format.
Please mail or drop off submissions to: Xpace Cultural Centre, 2-303 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto, ON M6K 2W5 c/o Residency Application Committee.
Applications may also be submitted electronically to ATTN Residency Application Committee.
Submissions must be received by 5 pm on Friday, April 17, 2015.

Additional Information: LINK HERE


Our External Space is located on the OCAD University Campus in the Learning Zone. The External Space offers opportunities for media based works, with an emphasis on video, animation, or sound pieces. Screened on a video monitor in the Learning Zone, and hosted on the homepage of our website, exhibitions typically last 6 weeks.
Xpace Cultural Centre is looking for submissions of new or existing video work to be exhibited in our External Space during our 2014/2015 Programming Year.
Xpace does not accept submissions over email.  Please make sure to include hardcopies of all written material and a clearly labeled disk or USB drive with support images.
Submissions to the External Space will be accepted on an ongoing basis. Applicants will be notified within a 2-3 month period.
Submissions must include:
1. Description of the proposed work (Maximum 300 words).
2. Statement (250 words max): The statement should give a description of your overall practice as it relates to the specific project you are proposing for your exhibition in the External Space.
4. Curriculum Vitae (Max 3 pages): Your CV should include education and exhibition history, as well as any relevant experience, reviews, etc. Xpace only shows the work of student and emerging artists/curators/designers – Please make sure that you fall within our mandate before submitting.
6. Visual Support Material with accompanying Support Material List (5-10): Please maintain consistent labeling of your image files (Ex. JSmith_FlowerPainting.jpg). We do not accept Power Point files for image submissions. Video and audio files should be a maximum of 3-5 minutes in total. Please make sure that all files are Mac compatible.
Mail or drop off proposals to:
Xpace Cultural Centre, 303 Lansdowne Ave Unit 2, Toronto ON M6K 2W5.
Make sure that everything you submit is clearly labeled with your name and contact information.
If you have any questions about the proposal process please contact either Adrienne Crossman at or Brette Gabel at
Please note that applications will not be returned. Applicants will be notified within 3 months of their proposal’s status.  Xpace thanks all applicants for their interest.
Submissions to the External Space will be accepted on an ongoing basis. Applicants will be notified within a 2-3 month period.

Additional Information: LINK HERE