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Openings / Submission


March 19, 2015

The Remembering of the Air

The Remembering of the Air is its own instrumentation, mediating our breath and the greater wind around us.

Instruments facilitate a kind of speaking that reveals an intrinsic quality or character within themselves. They are expressive mediators of sensuous human experience; interpreters of gestures and phenomenon. What language is it that they speak? What is lost and what is gained through their translation of experience? How do they affect our perception of environments? Through the reverent interaction of instruments and the body, my work investigates the sensuous within a growing digital and immaterial world.

6PM – 9PM
No Foundation
1082 Queen St West, Toronto
Ontario, M6J 1H8

Mary Ma: A Fully Developed Sea

A Fully Developed Sea is an exhibition that considers the water and sky in their dynamic interactions. When wind comes in contact with the surface of water, an energy transfer prompts the crest and swell of waves; in a fully developed sea, the waves have reached a state of fullest potential. Utilizing minimal form, light, and video projection, these works examine the affective potential of the forces of nature in drawing us towards the depths of the unknown. The crest of a wave is an upwelling —a charged, tremulous swell of darkness and light —while the stillness of a clear sky belies the calamity of a coming storm. Together they bring about a consideration of the expansiveness of the world, and the depths to which we can be drawn.

Ma’s work stems from an interest in depth, and the experience of being immersed in the world. In searching for unnamed places, she is interested in locating experiences outside of language to which we may become lost, emptied, and irreducible. In isolating the phenomenon of matter- in bodies of water, in the vapor of clouds, in the light of horizons- her works hope to generate encounters that that gently decenter the self, opening up possibilities in reflecting on the vaporous traces that can lodge themselves within us from an expansive and mysterious world.

6PM – 9PM
No Foundation
1082 Queen St West, Toronto
Ontario, M6J 1H8

Caravansary Of Joy: Jennifer Murphy and Eli Langer

The exhibition title is borrowed after a 700-foot long building of the same name designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and his son Lloyd in 1946 as part of a complex known as the Institute of Mentalphysics in the desert of Joshua Tree, California which Murphy and Langer visited. The science of Mentalphysics was originally formulated by Ding Le Mei in 1927. Born as Edward John Dingle, Ding Le Mei was a British journalist who spent twenty-one years living and studying in Asia, mostly Tibet. During that time he was one of the first Westerners to study under a Tibetan Lama Master and used his experience to fuse the similarities between Eastern and Western religious philosophies into his own new methodology. Though the philosophy has few similarities with the traditional, academic study of physics, Ding Le Mei believed that the mind created reality, thus leading to the name, “Mentalphysics.”

6PM – 10PM
Clint Roenisch Gallery
190 Saint Helens Avenue, Toronto,
Ontario M6H 4A2

Opening Reception for Like a Statue: Andrea Maack, Aaron Weldon, David Poolman

Georgia Scherman Projects is pleased to present “Like a Statue”, a group exhibition featuring works Andrea Maack (Reykjavik/Milan), Aaron Weldon (Halifax/Berlin), and David Poolman (Toronto). The exhibition utilizes sculpture, painting and an olfactory installation as a means to reveal the dissipation of memories and a desire to solidify them.

6PM – 8PM
Georgia Scherman Projects
133 Tecumseth Street, Toronto,
Ontario M6J 2H2

Space, Place, & Everything In-between

Experience, affectivity, and particularity are at the heart of place. Conceptually, where does this leave the term “place”? Splicing the three themes together, what emerges is a sense of place as belonging to neither the subject’s constructs nor the world’s reality. That places have the power to disarm our memories and electrify our imaginations is due not only to the supposed centrality of human experience. Indeed, places really do exist, and they do so quite independently (although no doubt differently) from the human values that are coated upon the world. At the same time, through coming into contact with the world, place becomes more than inert materiality by assuming an emblematic role in our understanding of self. Yet the hold places have on us is never absolute, and however much we attend to the world, the universe’s cosmic indifference to human experience can never be fully overlooked.

Featured artists: Melissa Menna, Sean McCormack, Semone Rajkumar, Alison Spencer.

7PM – 10PM
Gallery 1313
Toronto, ON

Shelf Life

Carbon Paper presents SHELF LIFE: an assembly of Canadian arts periodicals, both living and not, for your perusing pleasure. From March 19th – 29th we invite you to grab a seat, and flip through the pages of Canada’s finest art-mag offerings from coast to coast. Housed at the Ryerson Artspace in the Gladstone Hotel, our little library will offer a glimpse into Canada’s strong and varied history of arts publishing.

Available publications will include: C Mag, Border Crossings, esse, Ciel Variable, Little Brother, Public, Canadian Art, Double Dot, Prefix Photo, Shift, Rivet, Millions, Fillip, Crit, Inuit Art Quarterly, Carbon Paper, Bad Day, Editorial, Fuse, Hunter & Cook, File, Function, Momus, Kapsula, Lola andCarousel.

In collaboration with Art Metropole, we are also pleased to present a selection of books chosen by several Canadian artists, curators and writers including Brad Tinmouth, Maryanne Casasanta, Geoffrey Pugen, Micah Lexier, Xenia Benivolski, Caoimhe Morgan-Feir, Corrie Jackson and Eunice Luk of Slow Editions.

But that’s not all! Carbon Paper is also pleased to present several unique evening performances during our occupation of the Ryerson Artspace.

Schedule of Events:

March 19th: 7pm-11pm
Exhibition Opening

March 19th: 9pm-11pm
Karaoke hosted by Alex McLeod & Brianna Lowe

March 25th: 6pm – 9pm
When I Breath the Ocean Curls
A performance by Lauren Scott, curated by Lindsay LeBlanc

March 27th: 7pm – 10pm
Clearing Spaces VI
A meditative performance by The Broadbent Sisters

March 28th, 6.30pm – 9.30pm
An installation based performance by Virgil Baruchel & Benjamin Kamino

March 29th, 6.30pm and 8pm
A sound and image based collaborative performance by Adrian Cook and Sylvain Chaussée


Perhaps, Hands

Subtle shifts come in new light; we move our figures as shadows make drawings by minute. Picking things up and putting them down again, selecting, placing—undoing ourselves. In objects we make our own bodies, reconciling the known and unknown. Witness to the liminal space that exists the moment before fingers choose, before they touch.

7PM – 10PM
The Black Cat
2186 Dundas Street West, Toronto,
Ontario M6R 1X3


On the night of Thursday March 19th, Function is coming to the student gallery. On the 4th year of this bi-annual event, 5 creatives based in Toronto will be giving talks on their work with the audience.

With samosas, beer and DJ Peter Li.

Talks by

Chris Walker


Geoffrey Shea

Karin von Ompteda

Riga Shakya

7PM – 11PM
OCAD U Student Gallery
52 McCaul Street, Toronto,
Ontario M5T1W1

NIA Centre for the Arts – EXPOSED 2015

This exhibition presents photographic and video portraits by artists addressing the visualization of presence and its relationship to various notions of representation, subjectivity and the body. Each artist brings a diverse point of view and critical eye, interrogating the place and positioning of contemporary individuals and historical figures within the public sphere as activated through the camera’s lens. From empowering assertions of Black female being within the iconic Canadian landscape, insightful ruminations on loss explored through minimalism and disembodiment, to markings of individuality within the faceless urban realm, the artists re-imagine regimes of the image away from fixed inscriptions of race, gender, class and corporeality. Complex, poetic and celebratory, together their work engages and encourages new ways of knowing and recognizing the visual, the visible and the viewed.

7PM – 11PM
Project Gallery
1109 Queen St E,
Toronto, ON

‘Dance is Hard to See’ Capturing and Transmitting Movement through Language, Media and Muscle Memory (Lecture Demonstration by Sara Wookey)

FADO presents Sara Wookey at Dancemakers Centre for Creation:
‘Dance is Hard to See’ Capturing and Transmitting Movement through Language, Media and Muscle Memory
A Lecture Demonstration

Dancemakers Centre for Creation
Distillery District, 9 Trinity Street, Studio #313
Admission: $10

‘Dance is hard to see’, wrote Yvonne Rainer when making her seminal Trio A. In this lecture I depart from both Rainer’s statement and the work Trio A to raise questions of transmitting dance. Sara’s lecture performance explores the underlying and specific verbal language, references and musings that Yvonne Rainer engages when transmitting her dance Trio A (1966) from her body to that of another. It explores a methodology behinddance making and transfer through engaging process as material. Sara will discuss and demonstrate her experiences of working with Yvonne Rainer to both learn and become certified to teach her seminal work. She will also present details about Transmitting Trio A, a two-year research project that is part pedagogical tool, part archive and part 3-D art-work that explores and amplifies the transmission process rendering it a visible, tactile and usable tool for dancers and her most recent project reDANCE that looks at generational transmission of dance beyond Trio A.

Dancemakers Theatre – Studio 313
9 Trinity Street, Studio 313 (3rd Floor),
Toronto, Ontario M5A 3C4

Friday, March 20th, 2015

MVS Program Graduating Exhibitions: Shared Opening Reception

museumcircle (1989-1995) by John Cage and Erratum Musicale (1913) by Marcel Duchamp
Curated by Liora Belford, MVS Curatorial Studies
Presented at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery
March 20 – June 6, 2015

Featuring work by Roya Akbari, Jesse Boles, Ali El-Darsa, and Claudia Zloteanu
Presented at the University of Toronto Art Centre
March 20 – April 11, 2015

Shared Opening Reception: Friday, March 20, 6:00-8:00 pm at UTAC
Erratum Musicale Performance: Friday, March 20, 6:00 pm at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery
Reception Remarks: 7:00 pm at UTAC

6PM – 8PM
University of Toronto Art Centre
15 King’s College Circle,
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3H7


“CHOOSE WISELY” a Painted Skate Deck Art Show happening March 20th 2015 at HuntClub Gallery.


Paul Jackson
Michelle LeFade
Shakeel Rehemtulla
Nathan Enkel
Rajni Perera
Dave Setrakian
Matt Davey
Sab Meynert

8PM – 12PM
709 College St W, Toronto,
Ontario M6G 1C2

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Colleen Heslin and Vanessa Brown: walking and falling, falling and walking, walking and falling

Erin Stump Projects is pleased to present a two-person exhibition of new work by Colleen Heslin and Vanessa Brown. Working in tandem from two separate cities, both artists’ work share an interest in abstraction with echoes of modernism, re-working and cycling material off-cuts into new projects and forms. For each artist, new forms are generated through cutting material, collage, assemblage, and working with both positive and negative forms. The material qualities of metal and fabric generate a curious cross over, where metal subsumes a fragility and stretched fabric becomes concrete.

The poetic cadence of the exhibition title calls on lyrics from Laurie Anderson, describing walking as repeated gestures of falling and catching yourself in your next step. This lyrical sentiment reflects on both artist’s studio practices and their on-going working relationships with prominent materials in their work. Heslin’s abstract use of domestic fibres mimics a photographic print-like quality, formed with simple dying and staining mechanics, the effect of which prompts questions of digital production. Brown’s metal sculptures possess a paper-like quality in form through construction. Her use of colour brings forward painterly qualities while her forms maintain a tension through her use of layering flat planes. Loosely echoing each other’s process, Heslin and Brown have shared images, patterns, and texts to create work that volleys back and forth across practices and disciplines.

2PM – 6PM
1450 Dundas Street West, Toronto,
Ontario M6J 1Y6

Manden Murphy, here or there

Generally the discussions were based on misreadings of earlier texts. This created a compounded misunderstanding of what came before them. The excessive drinking often resulted in a kind of substance influenced amnesia, as it was not always clear what was being discussed and what had been previously established in earlier meetings. The group had grown slowly and steadily in such a way that no one was able to pin point exactly when the group had evolved into a small party. It struck them that their work, and the activities which facilitated their meetings looked, tasted and often felt like ordinary social networking. But of course the group was working even when it looked as if they were not working. Although the bar was eventually abandoned, the drinks remained an important part in facilitating the working out of a new form, in more or less explicit ways.

2PM – 6PM
1450 Dundas Street West,
Toronto, Ontario M6J 1Y6

Sunday, March 22, 2015

PPOP Up Market #2

PPOP Up Market is a monthly event that showcases different Artists, Crafters, Jewelers, Creators and Musicians.

Sunday March 22, 2015 at The Central
12:00PM – 5:00PM
Great Brunch menu and cheap drinks

12PM – 5PM
The Central
603 Markham St,
Toronto, On

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

International Lecture Series – Patrick Charpenel

Patrick Charpenel is the Director of Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo in Mexico City and since 2005 he has been the curator and coordinator of the Botanical Garden art project in Culiacán. Charpenel will discuss his large-scale curatorial project at the Botanical Garden in Culiacán as well as his work at Fundación Jumex.

Free Members of The Power Plant, $15 Non-Members

The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery
231 Queens Quay West,
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2G8


Deadline: April 15, 2015 (midnight)

60 McCaul, also known as the Brink’s building, has been sold. The looming eviction and demolition set for the near future is sad for students, alumni and faculty alike; We are intending on using every crevice of the space for an exhibition that will last 3 weeks in May and another exhibition in November, 2015. We are accepting submissions in any artistic discipline as long as you have an association with OCAD U (previous students, alumni, faculty and current students).

Additional Information: LINK HERE

POINT. Magazine – Call for Submissions –
Deadline: March 22, 2015

POINT Magazine seeks to investigate issues of diversity in the arts, through scholarly research as well as creative content. We are hoping to include different perspectives in order to enhance the formation of a wholesome “Canadian” identity within the cultural sector that mirrors the plurality of histories that make up our contemporary society.
Applicants are invited to consider the ways in which this identity has been constructed in the past, as well as concepts of decolonisation, immigration, intragenerational
relationships, stereotypification, border permeability, queerisms, and hybridism, and what role these play in
the cultural sector.

Submissions of creative content can include, but are not limited to: photography, print media, drawing, painting, creative writing, short stories, and poetry. Additionally, there might be an opportunity for showcasing the work during the Inaugural Issue Launch Party in Toronto.

Additional Information: LINK HERE


Drake Lab, originally founded in 2011 is reopening this February to bring the latest in Canadian and international emerging artists. Our unique artist-in-residence space with a store front location, can be found just two doors east of The Drake Hotel. Drake Lab is committed to providing a home for a diverse mix of artists.

Drake Lab is looking for emerging, mid-career and established artists to exhibit in our unique store front artist in residence space. Each exhibition/residency will span the duration of one month and will require the artist(s) to be on site 4-5 days per week. There are no fees associated with applying or exhibiting.

Additional Information:LINK HERE

Summer Residency
Deadline: April 17, 2015

Artscape Gibraltar Point is located on Toronto Island. Two Artists/Designers and one Writer/Curator will be selected to live and work on the Island from July 31st to August 14th.
The residency provides graduating students dedicated time to make new work which will then be exhibited at Xpace during September 2015.
The selected Writer/Curator will write exhibition essays for each of the selected artists. The essays will be made available during the September exhibitions and included in Xpace’s annual publication, VOLUME.
Studio space and lodging will be covered by Xpace, and participants will be provided an honorarium/materials budget.

Additional Information: LINK HERE

External Space
Our External Space is located on the OCAD University Campus in the Learning Zone. The External Space offers opportunities for media based works, with an emphasis on video, animation, or sound pieces. Screened on a video monitor in the Learning Zone, and hosted on the homepage of our website, exhibitions typically last 6 weeks.
Xpace Cultural Centre is looking for submissions of new or existing video work to be exhibited in our External Space during our 2014/2015 Programming Year.
Xpace does not accept submissions over email.  Please make sure to include hardcopies of all written material and a clearly labeled disk or USB drive with support images.
Additional Information: LINK HERE