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Xpace – COVID-19 May 2020 Update

Dear Xpace community,

Xpace will remain closed for the month of May 2020. We’re putting all our energy into rescheduling postponed exhibitions and shifting programming around to adapt to the current circumstances – both virtually and IRL.

It’s a slow process. Much slower than we are used to working through as a small artist-run centre and it has definitely been a great challenge. The pandemic has taken a toll on so many of us: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

It comes as no surprise that our current social and political systems, upheld by white supremacy and capitalism, are not sustainable.

It comes as no surprise that prioritizing profit and “productivity” over communal care is a colonial illusion.

It comes as no surprise that the precarious realities of so many are ignored, that state support is inherently discriminative and biased.

As much as we’d love for it to be the case, we’re not “all in it together”. Not yet.

A deep bow to land defenders, to essential workers, to folx dismantling white supremacy and patriarchy and fighting for equity and accessibility, on the frontlines, from their homes, in their every day.

Profound gratitude for the elders that guide us, and the youth that keep the spark going.

Thank you for your patience and for accompanying us through this moment. It’s inspiring to see so many virtual calls to action, teach-ins and messages of collective care and resilience. We see the incredible amount of energy you’re putting into nurturing yourself, and those around you.

As adrienne maree brown reminds us, we are learning to move at the speed of trust. It’s a challenge for everyone, but we’re grateful to be learning by your side.

*virtual hug*

And now some updates!

We’re excited to be launching the open call for our annual OCAD U Graduate Residency, set to take place in August 2020. Stay tuned for more information in these upcoming weeks!

Stay tuned on social media as we dig into our exhibition archives to bring you some cool Weekly Staff Picks, gathered by past and current staff members – dating all the way back to 2004 – that have helped make Xpace who we are today.

And lastly… this Friday is our programming assistant Enna Kim’s last day with Xpace. Enna started with us last summer, when she created the badass design for our most recent VOLUME publication, available to read online here. She’s been such an immense pleasure to work with, always showing up with a big smile, big ideas and the best style. Thank you Enna for all of your time, dedication and energy and a huge congratulations for graduating this year! We’re going to miss you a lot <3 Be sure to check out her website to follow her creative ventures.

Deep gratitude to all of you. Stay tuned, and stay safe!

Alexia, Philip and Natalie