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Xeroxr Awarded FEAST Toronto Student Grant

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February 13th, 2011 § Leave a Comment

photo by: Sarah Beck

note: This post has taken way too long to put up because of all of the crazy things happening recently but this is long overdue. Sorry for the delay!

“FEAST (Funding Emerging Artists with Sustainable Tactics) is a community dinner and funding event. Artists and designers are invited to present proposals for art-or design-based, community-oriented projects during the dinner. Everyone attending the dinner votes on which project they would like to fund, and the project with the most votes is given a grant from the money that is raised from the dinner. FEAST is organized by Amber Landgraff and Deborah Wang, with chef Lisa Myers. Our first dinner is co-presented with XPACE Cultural Centre, sponsored by A Space Gallery and Amsterdam Beer, and supported by Fuse Magazine.” – FEAST T.O. Blog

photo from Xpace Facebook Page

On January 16th 2011, I went to the first FEAST to be held in Toronto and my first ever art community event. I was terribly nervous considering that I didn’t know anyone and had no real idea of what the protocols or social norms of this type of event were. Sitting through 10 amazing presentations while worrying about what I was going to say was quite the nerve wracking experience. If it wasn’t for Patti, Morgan and Nicole (the 3 people sitting at the same table as me) I would have spent the entire night freaking out. (thanks!)

photo from FEAST T.O. Blog

Finally I presented, opening with a tangent about how I started Xeroxr out of a need to get out of my home town, and everyone laughed but seemed to be interested. I explained the One For Each Hand project (more info to come in a later post), and finally wrapped up with my proposal for the grant. I sat back down, everyone voted, and the first grant was awarded. Then at the end of the night, they called my name and awarded Xeroxr with the Xpace funded student grant.

photo by: Sarah Beck

I would like to extend a big thanks to Amber Landgraff, Deborah Wang and Lisa Myers for putting on this fantastic event. I had a great time and really enjoyed all of the presentations. Also, the Vegan dinner was unbelievable. Coming from someone who has always had trouble eating his vegetables, I was honestly shocked that a vegan meal could taste so incredible. Truly amazing food and a truly wonderful event.

photo from FEAST T.O. Blog

I also wanted to mention that all of the presenters (Erica Brisson, David Frankovich, Ruth Kavanagh & Antonella Sigismondi, Sean Martindale, Morgan Mavis & Patti Robinson, Raja Moussaoui & Raha Shirazi, Nicole Schlosser, Cara Spooner, VSVSVS, and Jennifer Davis) had fantastic ideas and really great projects. It was an amazing feeling being in a room with a large group of people who are passionate about their projects, artwork and the art community here in Toronto and across Canada.

photos from FEAST T.O. Blog

I would like to give my thanks to Xpace as well for not only hosting the event but funding the student grant that was awarded to the Xeroxr Project: One For Each Hand. The people at Xpace are all unbelievably kind and the group really cares about not only the Toronto art community, but emerging student artists as well.

photo from FEAST T.O. Blog

Finally, I would like to send my biggest thank you to everyone who attended FEAST because you are all the reason that this project was chosen to be funded. It is such a phenomenal feeling to know that the majority of the people at this event felt that the project I proposed was worth the money and support.

photo from Xpace Facebook Page

Keep checking back in the coming weeks for an update on the project including full details, artists involved, dates and other great news.

– Matt Moreland
Xeroxr Founder