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Zine Making Workshop, Listening Party, and Panel Discussion on DIY Self Publishing
This past Saturday XPACE hosted a Zine Making Workshop, Listening Party and launched our new library project which includes THE CURATED LIBRARY – Texts curated on a bi-monthly basis coinciding with exhibitions; THE ZINE LIBRARY – Zines, comics, bookworks, and anthologies from local and international artists; and the BOOGIE WOOGIE MIX TAPE LIBRARY – Curatorial project by Sarah Butterill devoted to cassette tape music and sounds.

The Panel Discussion presented by Zine Dream featured artists involved in various kinds of publishing including,  DIY self-publishing, running experimental record labels, and publishing international distributed art magazines.  The panel featured Jamie Q, Dimitri Karakostas, Antonio Lennert, Symon Oliver, Eva Michon, Jacob Horwood, and Shannon Gerard as the moderator.

Here’s a peak…


Thanks to all who participated!