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Welcome to the New Xpace

Xpace has finally moved in, and are now open with a new set of exhibitions!
We are now located at 303 Lansdowne, just a few doors North of Dundas St. West. Don’t be fooled or confused by Google Maps, we are not in the Tim Horton’s, but just around the corner, on  the East side, facing Landowne’s.
We are very proud of the new space, which should be noted is now entirely accesible (no more basement gallery).
Here are a few images of the space, with the aforementioned works. Come and visit us in person, we’re open Tuesday through Saturday, Noon until 6pm.
(left to right) Melissa Fisher, Zoë Solomon.

Zoë Solomon’s Date Due

Zoë Solomon’s Date Due (detail)

(left to right) Melissa Fisher, Felix Kalmenson

Felix Kalmenson’s Conversations
Melissa Fisher (detail)

Melissa Fisher (detail)

The Library

Melissa Fisher (detail)