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Upcoming Events January 9th to 15th

3D Felting Workshop with Tori Maas

Saturday January 25th from 1- 4 pm

Xpace Cultural Centre 303 Lansdowne Ave.


Needle felting, or dry felting, is a process by which wool fibres are tangled and compressed together to create two or three dimensional artworks. Artists can create abstract sculptural pieces, small figures, or images using raw, hand-dyed wool and special needles. Wool items, such as blankets, scarves, and sweaters can also be embellished with shapes and patterns using the technique.

The goal of this workshop is to introduce participants to working with raw wool fibres, various hand-dyeing techniques, and to the process of needle felting.

There is no experience necessary for the workshop – anyone is welcome.
Materials will be provided, but feel free to bring any of your own, such as wool yarn, beads, embroidery thread, or any wool items you’d like to customize. The workshop is lead by Tori Maas who is a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary artist in the Critical and Curatorial program at OCAD University.

The workshop is free. Please RSVP to


Bobby Mathieson “Dual” Opening January 9th 6-9

At Neubacher Shor Contemporary  5 Brock Ave.

Bobby Mathieson’s latest exhibition, Dual, incorporates mischievous, sinister and pop culture icons and images as mechanisms of illuminating the double meaning present in all images. Through the artist’s use of traditional portraiture, abstracted and manipulated through an impasto painting style, Mathieson’s work encompasses the dual existence of chaos and organization. Dual represents the artist’s work with the polarizing binaries of beauty as ugliness, lightness as darkness and the confluent existence of these dualisms.

Unarchived and Stairmasters Exhibition Reception January 9th 7-9

At Artscape Youngplace 180 Shaw Street1495475_10152737104340639_733827531_n

 The hallways and stairways are chock-full of artwork that contemplates the archive and the rich history of the Givins/Shaw School.  The exhibition features work by contemporary artists, students, as well as treasures from the archive, and is curated by Heather Nicol. Tonight is the official exhibition reception and I can imagine from having attended the curator’s tour on Tuesday, that there will be juice boxes and cookies as well as artist in attendance.  I highly recommend visiting the exhibitions not only to familiarize yourself with the new Artscape building, which will be a hub for creativity for years to come, but also because the exhibitions will likely trigger memories of your school experience.  From picture day, to shouting the school motto, to drawing in art class, the exhibition may be focused on the Givins/Shaw archive, however it goes beyond those borders to give the viewer an experience that is both new and contemplative but also familiar and nostalgic

Please visit the facebook event for full details


Digital Adaptation By Nick Sweetman

Opening January 10th 7 to 11

OCADU’s Graduate Gallery 205 Richmond (Duncan Entrance)1506612_10102312626979072_1874778621_n

The work in “Digital Adaptations” can be seen as a pictorial metaphor for the role of visualization in seeing, interpreting and making representative images. Each piece begins from an image – a photograph taken of the surface of a found object. Through various material translations, the picture is extended beyond the boundaries of the image into an imagined larger composition that incorporates the photograph seamlessly.  This is Sweetman’s final thesis exhibition as part of the Interdisciplinary Program at OCAD University. I have had the pleasure of looking at earlier work in the series this summer, I encourage everyone to check out the work and join the artist in celebrating this great accomplishment.

Visit the Facebook Event for complete information


Beyond Shadow of a Form By Layne Hinton

Opening January 10th 7 to 9

Interaccess 9 Ossington Avenue.

InterAccess presents a new iteration of Layne Hinton’s OCADU Integrated Media thesis exhibition, Beyond a Shadow of a Form. The film, slide and print based exhibition involves jury-rigged film projectors, mesh scrims, prints and sculptural elements created by Hinton, winner of the InterAccess Media Arts Prize in 2013.

Full information


Romanticism Now Group Exhibition

Opening January 11th 2-5 pm

O’BORN CONTEMPORARY 131 Ossington Avenue

A group exhibition of works by:


2014 Emergent Artist Exhibition dataportrait-6_for web

Romanticism in the 21st century has emerged not only in reaction to the technological revolution, but further, due to a need for wonder in the stark light of today’s political realities. Do symbolic and, further, geographically symbolic, narratives still have relevance within secular discourses today? Perhaps because technological advancement has caught up with our own imaginings of the virtual, art has returned to ruminating on antique subjects such as physical endurance; the crossover between histories and geographies; melancholy and the solitary; the terror of the sublime; and Arcadian landscapes.


Visit the Facebook Event for Complete Information


For the Time Being By Adam David Brown

Opening January 11th 2-5 pm

MKG127 1445 Dundas Street West


This show features new works—including photographs, relief sculptures, found objects and wall drawings – that refer to a wide range of historical sources that are emblematic of the passage of time, memory and impermanence. The show incorporates re-contextualized clocks, celestial charts and ancient texts, which express multiple perspectives on the abstract nature of Time.

Adam David Brown is a multidisciplinary artist living in Toronto, Canada. His work is guided by the principle of “less is more” and is frequently generated by his interest in science, language and ephemerality.

For more information visit this link


Sidewalk Screening Video Art Party
January 9th 9 to 2am
CineCycle 129 Spadina Ave

Join us for the Sidewalk Screening exhibition party at CineCycle! Celebrate emerging video artists with a dance party, immersive viewing booths, projected .gif animations, AND party people.

Admission is PWYC
Special special drink specials

CineCycle is located in the old coach house down the lane behind 129 Spadina Ave. on the east side between Richmond St. W. and Adelaide St. W., Toronto.

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