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So, I have finally finished my semester at OCAD U and I sorta feel like a person again. I caught up on sleep this past weekend, and made it out to a couple of art shows, which was fun. This semester really destroyed me, so I decided to make a survival guide for those of you just as destroyed as me, and staying in the city, like me.


Poor girls guide to dealing with the holidays:

Now most of you are probably lucky enough to get away from the city, since exams and crits are finally over (FINALLY, FUCKING FINALLY). A lot of you are on your way home or already home in some town I have probably never heard of being all cute with your families. But since I am from the city, I get to stay here and by choice avoid all Christmas related festivities. So here are some tips for surviving the holidays:

1. Stock up for Hibernation

I usually get myself a super awesome care package so I can avoid all human contact until I’m ready to re-enter society after a few days of time spent in my underwear not using my brain at all and wasting away in front of the television. Which I know, sounds super healthy. But honestly get fit after Christmas, there is not point fighting it before then.

2. Make Stuff

I always think during break “omg im going to do soo much stuff I didn’t have time to do before” and that pretty much never works out. So this time I definetly have some projects that I will attempt to slip in inbetween doing nothing at all and sleeping. I will see If I have time, probably not, but I will try. But if you need some help in the motivation department here is a list of Silent Shouts best music videos of 2014. It might help inspire some of you and also here is a list of June 2014 Staff Picks if you need some new music for a new year.

3. Hang Out Alone

I typically stay home alone during the holidays and catch up some heart-warming horror films. I realize not everyone is down with that plan. So here is my list of unconventional Christmas movies for you to enjoy if you are home alone or if you are tired of bullshit movies like “it’s a wonderful life” seriously; most depressing movie of all time, yet still played every year. Well, anyway, here is my list of unexpected Christmas films:

5. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

4. Rare Exports

3. Batman Returns

2. Die Hard

1. Black Christmas

Heres a list of hard to stomach horror films of 2014 if you are interested you can find the list Here.

4. Do Random Shit that’s Free

There is also a wide variety of things to do that are either free or super cheap. Like going to Rainbow Cinema on a Tuesday, skating or hitting up the AGO & the MOCCA. Or maybe just a walk around The Path to stay warm inbetween drunken adventures down town and trying to figure out what direction home is exactly. Well I hope you all have good times and see you all around.


I also posted some openings and call for submissions, so if you want to work on some stuff or attend some openings you know where they all are.

Well talk to you after the holidays

C ya