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~Tropical Bingo @ XPACE~

Join us Friday, February 15 for a mid-winter TROPICAL BINGO Fundraiser and support the construction of XPACE’s new LIBRARY….may all y/our dreams come true!!

5$ for all you can play bingo!!! with really amazing ~~PRIZES~~ donated by:: The Paper Place, Art Metropole, C Magazine, Type Books, Magic Pony, Ideal Coffee, Crafted, Woolfitts, Fuse Magazine and more TBA!!!

From 8pm-11pm
[[Licensed Event]]

+Hosted by artists and frequent collaborators
EMILY GOVE and JENNIE SUDDICK (2/4 of Cry School Yearbook)
+Mucho tropical decor
++Funds will go towards construction of our new Library, which will be located in the gallery’s main space. It will hold three library projects:

-THE CURATED LIBRARY–Texts curated bi-monthly to coincide with exhibitions

-NEW XPACE ZINE LIBRARY– Zines, comics, bookworks, anthologies from local and international artists

-NEW BOOGIE WOOGIE MIX TAPE LIBRARY– Curatorial project by Sarah Butterill devoted to cassette tape music and sounds. Participants borrow a tape (each home-made cassette tape has a specific theme) and a walkman of their choice and engage with their surroundings. For more information visit:

—Event poster by JULIA DICKENS!—
Location- 58 Ossington Ave, Toronto.