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Opening Reception @ XPACE

Join us at XPACE for our Opening Reception
Exhibitions in our Main Space, Xbase, and Window Space
February 24, 2012  /  from 7-11 pm 

Main Space:
CEREBRAL ARENA is a collision between physical and virtually constructed worlds; renovations, drawings and digital projections invite the viewer into an alternate reality. The work of Brianna Lowe, Lauren Pelc-McArthur and Graham Ruddy absorb pop culture references, altering them through transparency, repetition and animation, giving the viewer a virtual feast for the eyes.

The Apartment Series is an installation employing film and furniture to create a tidy apartment scene in which a woman is observed completing the simple daily tasks of washing dishes, reading and hair brushing.  Within the work Apartment Series, Catherine Polcz seeks to pay homage to everyday banalities; those quiet moments that bridge success and triumph. Polcz questions how we view the significance (or insignificance) of the repetition of trivial and easily forgotten events.

Window Space:
Chose (a play on words from the English verb, to choose; and the French noun, thing) is a series of collages composed from individual wood sculptures. These painted plywood cutouts resemble various familiar objects. Stripped of their function, these ‘symbols’ are reminiscent of commercial signage, and inspired by the decorated facades of working class churches in Toronto. Chose creates a lexicon of personal iconography, intentionally vague in meaning. Artist involved: Matt King.

Exhibitions run from February 25-March 17, 2012
at Xpace Cultural Centre, 58 Ossington Ave, Toronto