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Opening Reception @ XPACE

Join us at XPACE this Friday for the opening reception of our Main Space, Xbase, and Window Space.

Opening Reception: Friday January 20, 2012

When: January 20 – February 11, 2012.
Where: 58 Ossington Avenue, Toronto.

MAIN SPACE: Magnetic Impulses

The artists in Magnetic Impulses focus on creating tactile surfaces in their works.  These paintings and sculptures explore a combination of natural and manufactured forms.  Bone, hair, smoke and rocks coexist with manufactured materials: plastic pipes, children’s toys and styrofoam.  In an endless process, artists Jaime Angelopoulos, Kali Fisher, Ariel Kellett and Derrick Piens display evidence of their on-going material explorations.

XBASE: It Happened In The Woods

Patricia Beattie transforms Xbase into an enchanted coniferous wood using trees and stoneware clay. Viewers will find themselves in a set like environment, engaging with the sounds, smells and mood of the woods. The construction and placement of clay slab silhouettes determines a loose dream narrative, triggering a self-awareness by viewers moving within the space of a staged dream.

WINDOW SPACE: The “RedOne” Project

A commentary on waste culture and decay, Fabian Mosquera’s The “RedOne” Project is a sculpture built from four months of accumulated waste adhered to a dress and placed on a mannequin bust. As the dress spills into its surrounding garbage filled environment, it represents the waste our culture accumulates everyday, mounting in ever larger quantities while consumer culture never subsides. Not only do the things we buy become part of our identity, but the things we throw away as well.