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Current mood: directionless nausea

Thursday, March 12, 2015


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There is an influx of incredible art exiting OCAD at present, as everyone seems to have thesis or simply shows in every crevice of the city; Theres been a lot to admire. With Grad Ex’s 100’th year approaching steadily its been difficult to find a chance to really focus on all my overwhelming deadlines with just a few short weeks left before the main event. Then after that most of us will feel that rush of relief, shortly followed by that stomach urching feeling of, what the fuck is next (needless to say I have not thought that much in advanced).

: #deth bbs at matts opening

A photo posted by jazmine v k carr (@vapour.trail) on

But finally, I feel it. Summer is slowly wrapping its lucrative fingers around us; eluding to the mirage which encapsulates this infamous season. im trying to figure out how to maintain important distractions to prevent myself from spending every waking moment on Hanlans or in the depths of some local park wasting away into nothingness; which seems like bliss right now in the midst of chaos. If time could speed up and come to a dramatic halt simultaneously that would be great. But needless to say, I am distracted by everything, constantly and has been the reason for my lack of presences on this blog. Maybe soon I will feel normal again, but that seems very improbable.

c ya l8r

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