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March Programming at Xpace

Please join us for our upcoming round of exhibitions with a closing party for our three on-site gallery spaces. Artists will be in attendance and there will be snacks and drinks.
Xpace Cultural Centre
303 Lansdowne Ave, Unit 2 Main Floor
Thursday, March 28th 7- 11pm


Blinded by the Light
Ella Dawn McGeough
“Dazzlement is night in broad daylight, the darkness that rules at the very heart of what is excessive in light’s radiance.”1 
We cannot trust our eyes, they seek out dazzle as a reassuring distraction but quickly become arrested in a state of optical vertigo. ‘Blinded by the Light (2)’, Ella Dawn McGeough’s most recent edition to a series of large site specific collages using holographic and mirrored vinyl interjected with images of snakeskin and marble offer a gateway and a warning. 
1. Michel Foucault, Madness and Civilization: A history of insanity in the age of reason. 

Fado Emerging Artist Series 2013: .site.specific.
Curated by Franscico-Fernando Granandos
with Basil AlZeri, Golboo Amani, Cressida Kocienski and Maryam Taghavi

.sight.specific. proposes performance art as the staging of sight as site: observation as contour, terrain, and architecture for modes of aesthetic embodiment. The project consists of four commissioned live works in search for situated perspectives on the possibilities of performance as a contextual spatial practice. The works situate artists and audience by trading knowledge on the streets, tracing trans-planetary sight-lines, creating home and hospitality in real time through cyberspace, and staging variations on absurdity. The shapes of these relationships brings into focus questions of knowledge and memory, contact and distance, longing and belonging.
For a full schedule of performances see here:
hows the words
Laura McCoy

The works in hows the words consider their surrounding physical space though a syntax of objects and gestures, treating each piece as though it occupies the position of a word which is activated through an operation. In considering this larger structure, a fleeting plurality of thought is introduced. Through low techniques and economy of form, each piece carefully occupies a place between mediums and embraces its ultimately unwavering location.