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InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre currently has four Calls for Submissions

InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre currently has four Calls for Submissions

1. Call for Submissions: 11th Annual Emerging Artist Exhibition
Deadline: Monday May 16th, 2011
InterAccess seeks submissions of new media and electronic works from emerging artists. Artists must be post-secondary students or recent graduates to qualify, and all works submitted must be exhibition ready, and produced in the last two years. No works in progress will be accepted. InterAccess welcomes new media works in the form of: sculpture, installation, video, audio, performance and interactive art. Web-based projects are also welcome. Based on the works selected, the emerging curator will develop an exhibition related to all the submissions received.

Each selected artist will receive CARFAC standard artist fees for participating. The exhibition will run from Thursday, June 30 — Saturday, August 13, 2011, with an opening reception on Thursday, June 30th, 7-10pm.

While we welcome proposals from outside of Ontario, please note that InterAccess cannot provide artist travel fees or cover the shipping of artwork. Although the artist is chiefly responsible for installing his/her work, InterAccess will provide technical assistance and basic audio/video equipment.

Submissions must include:

  • A project description and artist statement (1 page).
  • A clear description of technical requirements. Please list materials provided by the artist, such as any software and audiovisual equipment, and materials expected from InterAccess, including software and/or hardware.
  • Artistic support material of proposed project/piece as well as previous works (DVD is preferred, however, URL links or JPG images are also accepted).
  • A current CV (3 pages max).

Please send all submissions to:
Scott Gamble
Emerging Artist Exhibition
InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre
9 Ossington Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M6J 2Y8

Additional information and questions can be directed to Scott Gamble (

We thank all applicants for their time and interest in InterAccess, however please understand that our application process is highly competitive. All artist submissions will receive a timely response.


2. Call for Submissions: Gallery Proposals, 2011
Deadline: May 16th, 2011
InterAccess is currently seeking proposals for our 2011 programming year.

How to submit:
InterAccess now only accepts digital applications to our general call for gallery proposals. Applications must be submitted online through InterAccess’ submissions page on our website ( A week before the deadline, we will open the submissions page where you will be able to securely upload your submission files to our server.

Submissions must include, in 100mb or less:

1. In a single pdf file:

  • An artist statement.
  • A project description.
  • A CV.
  • A list of support materials with detailed description of content.


2. Support material
You may submit up to 10 items of support material, including jpegs, urls, videos, and software. Please limit video selections to 5 minutes in length and jpegs to 72 d.p.i..

InterAccess has only a limited amount of time to review each submission. Please prepare and cue your materials in consideration that there will be a maximum of 15 minutes allotted to reviewing your support materials.

Please allow up to two months for the complete review of your proposal. For any questions regarding the call for submissions or our new submission process, please contact Alex Snukal, Director of Programming,


3. Call for Multiples: Electronic Bric-a-Bracs
Deadline: InterAccess is seeking submissions on an ongoing basis
InterAccess is seeking new media ephemera, multiples and publications for its new mini-shop. Electronic Bric-a-Bracs will provide an alternate platform for the dissemination of new media work by showcasing small, cheap and multiple objects.

Housed in a single shelving unit nestled between our offices and the washroom, the shop will receive a high volume of traffic from staff, artists, gallery patrons and anxious members of the public. Electronic Bric-a-Bracs will operate on a consignment basis, with proceeds from the sale of an item divided between the artist (65%) and InterAccess (35%).

Submissions must include:

  • A photo or drawing of the item.
  • A brief description (including size. Please note that eligible items must be produced in an edition of ten and over, and have a retail price of $100 and under.
  • Cost (remember to factor the consignment rates into your cost).


4. Call for Submissions: Plexi Pavilion
Deadline: InterAccess is seeking submissions on an ongoing basis
InterAccess is pleased to announce its new project space, Plexi Pavilion, a body-sized plexiglass box on wheels, situated in our front stairway. Plexi Pavilion is best suited for single works which, since the pavilion can be moved by the viewer, can be viewed from any angle. The pavilion can be seen from the street and will be accessible to the public outside of regular gallery hours.

Submissions must include:

  • A brief description of the project (max. 250 words). Projects must fit within the pavilion (and through its door, which measures 1′ 20″ x 5′ 6″). The pavilion measures 6′ 1.5″ x 2′ 5″ x 2′ 5″.
  • Documentation or a mock-up.
  • A CV and artist bio.


Please see for more information about all our current Calls for Submissions. Questions and submissions can be directed to