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IMAGES FESTIVAL: Call For Artistic Proposals And Submissions

Call For Artistic Proposals And Submissions

DEADLINE: Deadline: January 25th, 2011

Open call: Undergraduate and Graduate student artists working in and responding to forms of media.

XPACE/IMAGES festival is seeking proposals from student artists working in and with media art. The term “media art” is deliberately broad and elusive, lacking commitment, but suggesting an alliance with technology, communication, time-based, or new media.  Proposals should consider the space the artwork occupies (at a physical, psychic and phenomenal level), the historical referents (in the short but rich history of media artworks) and the ability to disrupt or repair the audience’s relationship to the artwork. Proposals are encouraged to be innovative and critical.

Examples may include, but are not limited to:

-       a reference/reverence for the history of media artwork

-       web-based or internet art

-       geo-mapping, bio-mapping, emotional mapping

-       performance video, live performance

-       animation

-       interactive art

-       robotics, haptic technology

-       biotechnology

-       cyborgology

-       post-human, posthumanism

Electronic submissions only can be sent to:

Deadline: January 25th, 2011

Include in your submission:

  • images of the proposed work (or relevant work) or a link to a website and/or youtube/vimeo – MAXIMUM of 6 images (72dpi @ 768 x 1024)
  • description of the proposed work, including physical qualities, spatial and hanging needs, technical requirements, etc (max. 150 words)
  • brief artist statement and biography  (max. 200 words)

For additional information contact the curator of the project Lisa Visser: