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Final Weeks and 24 Hour Access

One week or so left until it is over. I am currently in the midst of becoming way too overwhelmed and overworked. It ends this week, and I know for some of you you got another week or so go. Hang in there. Luckily OCAD U is open with 24-hour access for the next week and a half, so take advantage! I know I have been. This semester has been very intense, having thesis, 3 jobs and a full course load has maybe not been the best idea. Also that stupid sickness going around has not maybe it easy either. I have not been partying or even going out that much yet I feel like I am constantly hung over but maybe that’s sleep deprecation and too many monster energy drinks. Oh well,


Well I am not entirely sure what to write about this week considering I have just been trapped in different studios and you know suffering from artist block every other day. Thesis is a lot, its amazing but there are a lot of things that have to been done and prepared for. It also sucks when your initial idea cannot work out so you have to initiate plan b with about 48 hours to spare before jury, but whatever. 5 years of art school and not much has changed. Maybe one day I will grow up and actually act like an adult, maybe.


Well since I have not attended any shows in the past week or two due to school and work I will make it my mission this week to attend plenty, once I am done with mountain of work i am stuck beneath. I will tell you all about it when my brain does not feel like (and probably resembles) play-doh.


Okay im going to stop talking now

See you later

Probably at school


Heres a song to get you through the day





-Jazmine V. K. Carr

instagram: @vapour.trail