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feeling so future

current mood:

Too many amazing shows, too many critiques, too papers, too many everythings. The sleep deprecation feels really great, really. But the end is so very near. Then real life begins but thats whatever. This month is hectic to put it lightly, classes are finishing up this week and Grad Ex is just around the corner, sigh.

Cannot wait to watch copious amounts of bad television in my underwear while demolishing an obscene amount of dim sum, but the time will come soon inevitably. But not before delirious amounts of work and attention to final details. the 100th year is made to be a big deal, which equals large amounts of pressure, but nothing that cannot be fixed with a numerous brands of energy drink and a new sticky.

Anyway, this week has been eventful, especially since I got to help install the show for this springs reception at Xpace. The work looks really amazing and I am excited for the opening tomorrow. So many cool artists, with new exhibitions in all the spaces. Marbled Planes looking mesmerizing in the window, work by Inez Genereux and Cale Weir. The main space, Spectres of the Future features work by James Rollo, Franco Arcieri, Sook Jung and Victoria Delle Donne and is curated by the amazingly talented Shauna Jean Doherty. It is a interesting balance between analogue and digital works that reflect the current stasis of society. In the back there is a movie theatre like installation entitled Memorial by William Andrew Finlay Stewart. In the External Space there is work by Tobias Williams entitled The Emotional Problems of Living , which is a 3D computer animation. Feeling so future, tomorrow will be great.

maybe I’ll c u tomorrow, k bye