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Eyelevel Gallery in Halifax is looking for multiples, zines etc!

Eyelevel Gallery in Halifax is looking for submissions for their Eyelevel Reshelving Initiative 5!  The deadline for submissions is January 30th, so hurry up and submit!

ERI 5 is an exhibition and sale of artist books, zines, multiples and other kinds of artist-made publications.

Eyelevel Gallery is seeking local and international submissions of artist multiples and publications for an upcoming exhibition. Submissions may include: zines, book-works, sound pieces, videos, post cards, manifestos, comics, objects, and pretty much anything else that we can fit on a shelf and exists as a multiple. All works must have been completed within the last two years.

Please consider “THE RESISTANCE TO CHANGE” as a loose theme, but we encourage any and all submissions.

Submissions are sent to the gallery through this website, and should include the following:

  • A brief description of the work
  • Dimensions of the work in inches
  • Artist bio and statement
  • Sale price (if applicable, 70% of sale goes to the artist, 30% to Eyelevel Gallery to help cover operating costs)
  • Photos of the work

Please login or register, and use the online submission form to send us images of your work. You may submit as many items as you wish.

Deadline for submissions is January 30th, 2012.


The ERI5 Team