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Winter Feelings: Self-care practices for the winter weather

November 18, 2017

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Saturday, November 18, 2-4pm


Image by Wil Brask

Join us as Natalie King and L-fy speak about their ways of dealing with the changing seasons and resources they have found or created for handling the feelings of sadness and loneliness that winter may bring.

About the facilitators:

Natalie King is a queer Anishinaabe artist based in Toronto. Influenced by colour, form, shape and identity. Her practice ranges from drawing, painting, print-making and installation. She is currently an undergraduate at OCAD University in her Thesis year. Focused on presenting works through a queer lens involving queer spaces, the visible/invisible, self-love, Anishinaabe realities, sexuality and the representation of queer bodies her practice is interdisciplinary with a focus on experimentation. She considers her work to be an inner expression of queer joy.

L-Fy is a talented and multifaceted artist & designer. L-Fy develops different projects related to fashion, art, design and photography. They are self-taught in makeup, hairstyle, fashion, photography, furniture design, interior decoration and many more medias related to the world of art and design. All of these references allow them to conceptualize each project as a great staging present. Recognized in their country of origin Peru, for their work with organic materials, such as native cotton & alpaca fibers; participated in teams with native craftsmen people of the zone and are focused on maintaining the respect to the environment. L-fy’s work harmoniously merges several references and local techniques into unique concepts and pieces.