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Soul Jubilee: Rehearsals for resonance

Organized by chris mendoza and Philip Leonard Ocampo

June 13, 2024 - June 13, 2024

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

✸  Please join us for Rehearsals for resonance, a performance evening organized by chris mendoza and Philip Leonard Ocampo in association with “Soul Jubilee”, currently on view at Xpace Cultural Centre!

☼ Thursday, June 13th, 2024

☼ 7:30PM – 9:30PM



This programme features performances and a listening session by:

Jasmine Yangqingqing Yu (@holleringberserker599)
Gabe Pine
apè Aliermo (@2kulit2kuwit)


Riffing-off of and accenting the practices negotiating “noise” in Soul JubileeRehearsals for Resonance brings together performances and a listening session by Jasmine Yangqingqing Yu, Gabe Pine, and apè Aliermo. These companion pieces draw out the latent presence and affects of the body as resonant ground in ineffable and transformative moments of individual and collective experience. They are scores for introspection, rituals of catharsis, and journeys of (re)birth navigating stensions between joy and gravity. This program was organized collaboratively by chris mendoza and Philip Leonard Ocampo.


Accessibility info: Xpace’s entrance is at street level with no steps. The galleries, office and gender neutral washrooms are all located on the 1st floor. Service animals may accompany visitors at any time. Lighting and fragrance vary per exhibition/event; please contact us at or if you have any questions regarding these items.


Poster design by Agnes Wong (@agnesdoubleu)


About the Performing Artists:

Jasmine Yangqingqing Yu

Informed by representations and paraphernalia of architectural forms, Yu investigates horror and eroticism, and their representational strategies, mining the image’s vindicative limit of the unspeakable and inarticulate, the horrifically barely formed and speculative, untethered from the codification and law-making of language and its architectonics—its physical manifestation, which is unstable yet sedimentized.

Gabe Pine

Gabe Pine (he/him) is an artist, dancer, and writer in Chicago. His work engages with sculpture, body movement, humor, poetry, physical comedy, improv, and interviews. He completed an MFA in Creative Writing at Bowling Green State University and a BA in Art at UCLA. His work has been published by Wasted Books as the “Table Flipping Issue” and by Olney Magazine, and a visual poem project in collaboration with Dajin Yoon was published by Other Places art fair (OPaf).

apè Aliermo

For the last 10 years, playing synths and samplers, apè Aliermo has extensively toured North America, Europe and Asia with her electronic duo Phèdre. In 2018, she begun her solo foray into sound art, exploring immersive sound installations and interesting recording techniques. As a Filipinx-Canadian artist, she creates immersive and meditative sonic works that bring “hidden” narratives to light. Her most recent piece SIMULA reflects the emotional journey of birth. It is composed of the sounds of three racialized women giving birth, blended with electromagnetic sounds from a hospital.