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Play over Paranoia: Cyber-Security Workshop with LANE Digital

October 28, 2020

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Wednesday October 28th, 2020

1PM – 4PM

Free with RSVP: 

This workshop will be hosted on Zoom. The Zoom code will be sent to those who registered the day of via email so please stay tuned for all info needed for logging in and accessing this event. Workshop is limited to 20 participants.

From the apps used on your devices to the surveillance systems on city streets, you live in a datafied and surveilled world. Information about you is being collected on a daily basis. In this interactive workshop and lecture, we will navigate the impacts of datafication to form a better understanding of your “data body” and how you are used, stored, and shared by governments and corporations. Through an informative and playful process, we aim to demystify concepts around cyber-security through individual agency and access to education. We hope to collaborate with you in finding possibilities of creative dissent through our relations to art, technology, and our daily digital experiences.

No previous experience is required to join us in this workshop and lecture, we prioritize Black Indigenous and POC experiences in this space. Participation is optional, a computer is required to participate.

About LANE Digital:

LANE Digital is Aljumaine Gayle, E.L. Guerrero, Ladan Siad, and Nabil Vega.

We are a group of QTBPOC curious creators who are passionate about design.

We build human-centered, community-focused concepts that lead to a more just and equitable future. Our interdisciplinary studio is about unearthing and unsettling—we work together to conceptualize new ways of listening, seeing, feeling, and understanding social issues through design.

Our work is rooted in black, queer, anti-capitalist, diasporic, feminist methodology, and pedagogy. We co-create with the communities we are a part of. We have created apps, websites, interactive art installations, workshops, toolkits, curriculums, films, performances, and more.

Poster by Malik McKoy

Read the full workshop zine here!