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HOT SET: Artist talk and performance by Cotey Pope and Maddy Mathews

Cotey Pope and Maddy Mathews

November 23, 2017

6:00 pm -

Poster by Maddy Mathews

6pm, November 23, 2017

Poster by Maddy Mathews

Join us at 6pm on Thursday, November 23rd, for a talk and performance by artists and former child actors Cotey Pope and Maddy Mathews!

Put your laughing cap on because Maddy and Cotey will be first unleashing some HOT new stand up comedy jokes on you, each doing a tight 5, followed by a talk about their new installation Kitchen Set, and concluding with an EXCLUSIVE first interactive table reading of their script for an upcoming TOP SECRET film project.

We invite you to step into the pastel flattened world of Maddy and Cotey, where comedy meets performance art, the sculpture is activated by the performer, and you can GUAR-AN-TEE the laugh track is always cranked to 10! BOI-OI-OING!

Cotey Pope’s work deals with themes of personal narratives, persona, storytelling, memory, recreating sites and objects that no longer exist, endurance of the self through time-based performance and the rejection of mainstream roles in cinema through parody and humour to create new reimagined realities. Cotey’s work explores the archiving of life and performance through writing, photography, sculpture and time-based experiences, and questions what is and what is not a performance. Cotey has studied playwriting and performance at York University, and is currently studying Sculpture /Installation at OCADU.

More of Cotey’s work can be seen at:

Maddy Mathews is an artist working primarily in drawing, painting and sculpture. Using “naïve” materials such as coloured pencils, felt tip pen and paper mâché, she explores the flatness of the visual plane by creating works based on remembered and imagined events. Maddy uses the language of jokes and abstraction as tools to examine the absurdity and uneasiness of existence. Inspired by “magic eye” pictures, optical illusions, prop comedy and tropes of television and web culture, her works aims to push memories to their most flat, distilling a thought down to its bare essence.

More of Maddy’s work can be seen at

Kitchen Set is a part of Installation as a Subversive Art curated by Katie Kotler.